Swinton Watch!

Fair readers, I am a Swintonist. A junior Swintonologist if you will. 

I believe in my heart that this mythical beast exists and I anxiously await each sighting. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the Tilda. She is chameleon-like and best recognized for her bright, cropped plumage and tendency toward quirky designers and strange household shenanigans. Rumor has it she wore all of her own clothing for the Narnia movies- she just happened to be riding in her cut-glass sleigh on the first day of filming- a happy coincidence!

 My most recent spottings have been award show related- like this Lanvin dress at the SAG Awards:

Now this earlier appearance at the Golden  Globe awards was much more fabulous. I love this Haider Aikerman and I was disappointed to see that she eluded capture by all but the most attentive photographers. villagers I tell you- she is elusive!

I was hoping to see her next public landing at the Oscars this month, but cruelly she was not nominated. I fear she will not gird her loins in expensive camouflage and alight at the Dorothy Chandler pavillion….sigh.

Never fear! She will be back- perhaps if we hide in the bushes in Nairn and use our Swinton calls:

“Tiny Indie film! Tiny indie film!” she will appear and grace us with her intense majesty. 

If you or someone you love has seen the Swinton, please, report here to Pretty Grievances- home of the Unofficial Swinton Watch!

I’ll keep you posted as often as I can. Please tell me, how do you feel about this fantastical creature?

photo credits: little me, google images, gofugyourself

18 thoughts on “Swinton Watch!

  1. she is quite striking- She was even scarier in the Narnia movies than Voldemort in Harry Potter . I think she looks just like my sister-in-law except my SIL wears tracky daks. T shirts and thongs and oh yes her hair is different but apart from that they look alike. PS . I`ll let you know if I ever see her at our local supermarket.


  2. The Swinton … I thought I spotted her at David Bowie’s 65th Birthday Bash this week, but no, it was only David!! I have since heard she has been hanging around with Ed Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand and Bruce Willis….making a film no less….Swinton/Norton cannot wait!!!


  3. She is one of my favourite actresses since I first saw her in Orlando. She has an interesting fashion sense, though I her hair at the Golden Globes was pretty strange- David Bowie in his Thin White Duke phase meets Elvis Presley.


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