Waste not, but Want much…Simplicity 1978

I’ve been so impressed with my fellow sewists and their devotion to repurposing fabrics. Being a shallow girl like I, I feel sort of guilty about my hoardish fabric buying tendencies. So I have been trying to use all my excess productively and of course,  being a selfish thing, I like it to be about me.

So in that vein I bring you- Simplicity 1978- a pattern selected wholefully on the basis of it being exactly the yardage I had left from the radiation batik frock. As an aside, I do kind of wonder why this pattern has no reviews on Pattern Review- usually thats a bad sign of the pattern making or of my taste- we’ll see what you think.

This was a quicklie- no brainer from the Simplicity Sew Simple line. Whoo-hoo! it was under $1. Gotta love a cheap pattern! Some of this line are a little twee and I think this one was headed in that direction, but I sternly told it that I was too mature for such.  Such being: the  only part I wasn’t so wild about-  the lacing- it just didn’t feel right with the fabric print- as usual I have a lot of print going on to add too much extra! I settled for 3 little brass heart charms.

Psst! Act natural – there’s a giant copper bass behind you! This is little Me’s version of an action shot.  I’m in front of the police station downtown (our hamlet closes completely on weekends) I can’t explain the fish- you’d just have to live here.

This will be added to the Disney World tops for this trip- only 14 days until I leave for the mouse! Thank Goodness- it was flippin’ cold out there!

My ta-da moment: Look at this tiny pile of scraps- not even enough to get the cats attention.  Maybe I need a festive head wrap from the rest? Maybe a hanky for waving at my swains? Ok, I’ll just put it in the ‘E gads! What happened here? If only I had a fat quarters worth of excess material to repair this’ box in the closet. Years from now the poor nieces and nephews left to hack their way thru my home looking for all of the cats will shake their heads at said box and mutter about ‘foolish aunts who never throw anything away in this crazy firetrap of a house’.  

Yay me! Now I’ve cleared an inch of space in the hoarders Closet of Shame, do I get a shopping reward?

photo credits: little me, google images

32 thoughts on “Waste not, but Want much…Simplicity 1978

  1. Oh yes, I think that absolutely brilliant – doesn’t look any thing like the twee pattern photo – top you made AND used up some stash definitely deserves a replacement piece – go for it! Just one mind you……..


  2. Love the top – MUCH better than the picture on the pattern and great use of your fabric. Would love to see a close up of the charms. Good call not using lace up. Great looking town too! And is that ONE cutting mat? If so, where did you get one so big?


  3. G.Petunia says:

    You will only be eligible for a shopping reward if you can choose something that takes up less space. In other words, since you have already cleared 1″ by sewing the hazmat fabric, if your proposed reward will take up 3″ of space, you must sew at least 2 more inches worth from your stash before you meet eligibility requirements. That’s the rule. No exceptions.

    I’m really liking your pattern choices for that Hot Stuff radiation batik.


  4. mrsmole says:

    Surely you know someone with a stuffed animal who needs a little outfit for a furry friend? It look like just enough to throw some elastic along one edge and attach it to make a skirt for a doll…seriously, you have done enough with a 99 cent pattern to make others jealous. It could be lengthened next time to be a nightgown or hostess gown serving cocktails on the patio come summer time if you want to really get your money’s worth. Either way you look cool and ready for the Mouse House!


  5. aliesje says:

    It looks great! And I think the SewSimple patterns have generally been overlooked due to… their simplicity… pun realized, not intended.

    I’ve been working on a ‘theory’ of sorts… I’m starting to think that a lot of the seamstresses who gravitate towards using Big4 patterns are often looking for something with some challenge. Super Simple stuff… they’re like, yeah, it’s nice. Obvs, Very Easy Vogue wouldn’t be a line if it didn’t sell so it’s not like Big 4 buyers are just wanting intermediate-advanced stuff. But you often don’t see a lot of reviews for *really basic* Big 4 patterns. And when you do, people are like, yeah, it’s a skirt.

    I reckon that a lot of *beginner* seamstresses are young’uns in our demographic and younger who prefer to support local, ‘indie’ small businesses. So a lot of those pattern companies, like Colette and Sewaholic, are putting their attention towards developing really simple beginner patterns (and i think this whole line from simplicity is all about capturing that market that is otherwise going to ‘indie’ companies). I think if this pattern was released by an indie company, there’d be a squillion reviews for it. Conversely, I think that if the design for the Sorbetto top, for instance, been released by simplicity or mccall or someone, it may have been overlooked.


    • I believe this to be a very astute observation about the indie patterns.

      My only input is that I think this pattern is really cute and just the type of thing I need to add to my wardrobe…and I probably would have overlooked it, had it not been for this post. Sewing blogs tend to be the best promotion a company can have, indie or otherwise.


      • I think you are very onto something. I think alot of newer sewists think of the big4 as ‘Moms/grandmas patterns’ and turn to indie companies for fresh youthful style and they miss out alot on the big4’s virtues. Perhaps the big4 should try a little harder with the styling, too- the styling on the Suede and Project Runway patterns are usually enticing, but some of them (I’m looking at you, Butterick) just look so dated- like they just slapped new font on old cover art and expected us to buy it becasue it’s convenient. Nobody sews for convenience anymore- it’s about expression.


  6. Very cute and thank goodness you have a stash closet of shame that we can all point to and say ours is nothing as bad as that! 😉
    Pretty nice little pattern for under a buck. Who knew…my only experience with dirt cheap patterns was an ill fated stretch and sew.


  7. I’m with everyone else, I love your version and wouldn’t have seen the possiblity in the envalope. The little tie up at the bust would have me taking a pass. I don’t need more reason to look there. I love your version. It’s a great match of pattern and fabric. Well done.


  8. Definitely much much nicer than the envelope suggests! The ties on the envelope are in the yuck category for me, probably because of the cord stuff they used! And buzz ah for the scraps! You never know there might be some bias in that if you feel the need…


  9. Very pretty…the charms instead of “rope” worked so well. Amazing good use of “leftover” fabric. Pictures of “bustling” downtown great….still looks like something from the ’50’s….well except for the avant garde placement of fish … town definitely hurtling towards the 21st century!!


  10. Totally cute top…and what an interesting discussion about pattern lines. I recently made a fleece jacket from the new Sew Simple line (Simplicity) and I love it. It is an interesting design, the draft was good, and it was super cheap. Win.


  11. Looks good – buttons over lacing any day. This is not the middle ages. I like the fish. I’d put a soft toy in his mouth. Maybe you should do that for your next photo-shoot. Especially if the place empties out for the weekend. Oh, or a garden gnome. That would be awesome.


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