Wearable Wednesday- Marc Jacobs gets Layered…

Maybe it’s just my mood today, but I’m sort of liking this odd, textural H.R.Puffenstuff pilgrim shoe odyssey:

 There are some really swell takeaways from this collection, but it feels overwhelmed- like they limited his runway time so they just kept putting more on each model.

I’d like at least 5 yards of each fabric, tho. Can I have it?

Is this a purse or Harry Potters Tome of mythical Beasts?  

One more for the Olsen twins- they like to be bundled up. Hopefully they can commission it in all black.

Ok, I love this coat- this may be my favorite piece…. 

photo credits: Style.com

29 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Marc Jacobs gets Layered…

  1. Big hats aside…I love the textures … I particularly like coat in #1 and jacket #2. The red printed paisley is especially wonderful to me, but except for the black leather pinafores, great peak at collection.


  2. Makes me wonder if they heat that venue for fashion week. I swear, he must have been out on the streets of NYC studying the local homeless population. Too many pieces for each outfit and I’m sorry, I hate the big furry hats. But, there is always a butt. I see a lot of really wearable pieces too. I love the same coat you do along with the black/red sweater wrap thing with sleeves I think and the grey/black jacket. I’m not sure about the Laura Ingells Little House on the Prairie look of the blouses tho…


  3. I think that some/most of them will be quite a bit more palatable when toned down for the unwashed masses. I like the embellishments and the general shape, if you take away the exaggerated shapes they (IMHO) will likely be quite flattering. This doesn’t include the fur purses, AKA Harry Potters Tome of mythical Beasts.


  4. Hmm… strange. I was thinking Harry Potter before you mentioned it, seems the kind of thing people would wear to attempt to blend with muggles.
    I’m not a fan. There is so much going on, it’s hard to see the individual pieces clearly. I found myself thinking about how those 100lb models must feel overwhelmed by the volume of some of those pieces.


  5. Just go shopping OK? Buy paisley and prints and florals and yellow shoes with buckles and wools and knits and anything else that takes your fancy- go for it, don’t fight is anymore.


  6. Straight away I see the long tunic 20’s thing, but I really can’t get up much enthusiasm for clothes that make tall and thin people look fat. I mean what would it do to us ‘normal’ folks?

    I agree with Mary. I will try to go see past the sorting hats and beastly books and the one in purple that looks like the wicked witch of the west.

    I do like the coat, but I think it is the embroidery. the cut is cute, but impractical. Try waving for a taxi or holding a strap in the tube. But it also helps that you can tell the wearer has proper legs she isn’t trying to hide.

    I think you could copy the red one with the kilt pin if you had time to search the charity shops. I can’t like the shoes, especially with socks. Not sure it will catch on…I hope.

    Sorry. :-0


  7. Maybe those monstrosities for skirts/dresses would hide a multitude of sins, but I’m not sure they’d fit through my average house door or into my drive-myself car. I’m liking your favourite coat, though. And that’s the only thing I like in this wonderland wilderness!


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