I’m a strawberry scented tortured soul…

No, I’m not Prince!

I just realized I have unintentionally created a Lots o’ Hugs the Bear costume! I was picturing sort of frisky retro space advisor when I saw the pattern- but somehow that didn’t discourage me. Because I saw what Montanachic did with it as a blouse- I felt the familiar covetous sensations!

I had a lovely piece of a non-stretch mauvey/pinky veloury Deanna fabric that seemed like a worthy sacrifice.  My machine was even happy with my idea. It sewed thru the fabric like it was really pleased with it.

I got tghe shoulder seams and the side seams basted and headed to the bathroom for a try- on with the big mirror.

Here I am:

 Got to wax my eyebrows this weekend- I’m looking like Ned Beatty…..stay tuned- the next post will either have lovely completed pics of me wearing it, or the Dachshunds new velour bedding!

photo credits: little me, google images, pattern review

13 thoughts on “I’m a strawberry scented tortured soul…

  1. Hmmm, pinkie velour eh? I know a shop that is practically giving a new to the place bolt away the owner dislikes it so much. I hope your top comes out just fine. It’s amazing what an eye brow wax can do. 🙂
    The dachshunds might be unreliable with an honest opinion. I bet they really want those new soft pinkish beds…


  2. Ooh. I have this pattern. I even sewed it, but it looks nothing like the picture, ’cause, like the pirate code, a pattern is more like a guideline really.

    So picture this: sheer striped fabric, turn the front into a v-neck wrap, angle the back where its supposed to be on the fold so the neck measurement stays the same, but there is a lot more fabric around the knees, make a short hem in the front veering around to a long hem in the back, lengthen the sleeves, gather them, put a cuff on them, use grosgain ribbon to finish the edge around the neck, put a snap on one side and a grosgain ribbon tie on the other and bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a hot mamma (if I do say so myself) walking around the house wrap.

    Uh. Yeah. What she said. 🙂


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