I’ve looked at cloth from both sides now…

Over the weekend I bought- yes, I bought more fabric, I’m bad, so bad, I know it….guilty posts are for mondays, not sundays! Ok, sorry, back to my story….I bought this really cute cotton print that was $2.95 on sale. Hancock Fabrics seems to like to put their bolts out and not turn the fabrics so you can see the pretty side and I have now bought 2 things that I thought the wrong side was prettier than the front. The radiation batik was a wrong-sider. The front had all these micro-polkadots and was too busy for me- yes, there was a busier side! I know, can you believe it? I guess I’m just used to looking at backsides and finding the beauty!

So here’s my question- anyone out there purposely using the back sides of fabric because it’s just more fun? I’m thinking of using the front as my contrast on whatever this fabric says it wants to be.

Here’s the front:

Here’s the back- Katze’s, to be precise:

It’s not a whole heap different- maybe no one will notice- or maybe they will think that I didn’t notice. Hmm….Will the fabric police come for me? Is there any technical reason not to? Is it forbidden, like the Lambada?  

 So come on all of you educated Sewists- is there REALLY a right side and a wrong side if their is no nap? Can the wrong side be the right side?

photo credits: little me, google images

28 thoughts on “I’ve looked at cloth from both sides now…

  1. Ha, I love your header.. “when I’m not complaining, I sew”… I wish I had thought of that as it fairly much describes me too! I think it’s fine to use the wrong side if that’s what you prefer. I made a top that can be reversed, so depending on my mood, the ‘wrong’ (shiny) side or the ‘right’ (printed) side can face out. Of course I’m yet to blog about it… wish I had more time!


  2. “I’m used to looking at backsides and finding the beauty” hahaha that is awesome- my partner agrees with you totally. This is going to be our quote of the week (month even).
    As for the fabric use both sides! I’ve got a fabric with block print on it that I’m going to use the back of for a blouse and the front of for the blouse collar. Also, seeing the first line of that post I thought- you bought another puppy yay! Then I saw fabric and realised it was first time I was a little let down that something was a fabric purchase. 😉 Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.


  3. G.Petunia says:

    Kaffe Fassett used to make quilts and use both the right and wrong sides of prints. I had a RTW charmeuse blouse made with dull side out, shiny side for placket, collar and cuffs. But I hate it when I look hard at a fabric, squint, can barely see a difference but can’t choose a side.


  4. Kenneth D.King prefers calling it the front and back of the fabric because there is no “wrong” side! I would say that makes it official! You can use whichever one you like best without worrying about the fashion police!


    • Haha! I was about to write the same thing. Are you taking the jeans class on Craftsy?

      Anywho, I used whatever side speaks to me. Go with your gut. Get crazy. As Catherine says below, knits do curl to the right side. But even that you could use as an element, if you wanted something to curl under. God, now I’m picturing knit strips a la a curling iron in every direction.


  5. You are in control so use whatever side you want. Burda recently showcased dresses made from both sides of the same fabric, a shiny side and a matt side for extra effect. I like your fabric, we don’t often see you in blue and I hope you are you feeling better now that you have some new fabric.


  6. The right side is the side you like best. I recently spent a whole day umming and ahhing over which side of the fabric to use. In the end, I just had to pick one side and sew.


  7. And sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between front and back. I have this fabric in my stash, it is black velure on one side and stonewash denim on another. I can’t decide which side to use, suggestions? :))


    • That sounds like whne I stand in the closet of hoarding shame with pattern in one hand and fondle fabric until the right side/piece screams at me. Try it- it makes the husband really nervous if you do it for too long!


  8. Use what ever side pleases you the most. The fashion police are far too busy with other stuff to worry which side you chose! And aren’t those furry backsides cute I might add.


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