Simplicity 1998- Lotso’ Static

Well…. what do you think? I may make a dryer sheet slip to wear under this- I am a static cling beastie in this- so remember me fondly when I am struck by lightning in the yard today!  

I think with the right styling, I could be the ‘Toasty Space Hosty of Galactar 9’ and charm the disposable crew members in episodes 3-7, Season 1. I need black boots and a raygun. Lands, how many times have I said that when getting dressed?!

So conlusion of my Strawberry-scented saga:

It’s Cozy, it’s cute and I like it.It does have a collar that can’t seem to decide what it wants to be when it grows up, but how many of us can?  I think that Simplicity had ‘dress’ in mind, but I don’t see myself in a big staticy pink bear dress anytime soon. I loped off 5 Lotso’ inches and called it a day. No other major changes, just some tapering of the waist- cuz I thought it would be neat to have one in this. Dream a little dream, Anne!

Lovely weather we are having- I know the love seat will regret the puffy-pups joining me for the backyard photo shoot!

photo credits: Mr B, Disney Digest

29 thoughts on “Simplicity 1998- Lotso’ Static

  1. That’s a much better color than I had pictured! I think lopping off the bottom saved this one. It looks cozy and what more do you need in the finicky early spring weather, right?


  2. The colour is great, as is the pin. It looks warm and cozy, which seems great to me right now (we got more snow last night). I’d love to see the pattern in a slightly lighter fabric. Hmm. Good luck with the static thing. 😉


  3. I’m afraid I have no good tips for getting rid of the static, sorry! However, I like the blouse–you made it sound so bad I was expecting….well, I wasn’t expecting this. I think it turned out just fine. It looks snuggly and oh-so-comfy, and this will be perfect for lounging around the house or a quick run to the grocer. 🙂


  4. Liquid fabric softener is the best for static control. Top is cute. You and I sew very different things, I bet we don’t have one pattern in common!

    I haven’t got the fabric in the mail. Tomorrow I promise. We got slammed with snow the last few days, and this morning I just completely forgot about it. Soon you two will be together,


    • I’ll bet we have some of the same patterns- you just can’t tell because I keep turnign them into stuffed animals!
      You take your time on the mailing- I am already beyond grateful!


  5. Looks great and all that umbrella action wants me to break out in song ♫ I’m singin in the rain, just singin in the rain, got a glorious . . . Oh you’ve gone and done it now. lol


  6. After your last post I too was expecting something rather different!! I like this. Good collar, sensibly pinned so it doesn’t go awol (pretty pin too) and colour is lovely. Do you have raspberry boots? Why not hey? :o)


  7. This is a fabulous top that was meant to be! The colour suits you so much and the fabric looks like it feels lovely!! With regards static, I’m sure my mum used to put my jumpers in a freezer bag, in the freezer for a bit. Not too long, obviously!


  8. OOOH! This is on my fall/winter sewing plan. So glad I found your review of it. A shirt version is not a bad idea. I will keep it in mind if I look like I’m wearing a potato sack!

    Also, is it me or does this pattern lack fabric recommendations? Can find them for the life of me.


    • The fabric recommendations are so vague! ‘Cottons, silky types, lightweight linens’….not one mention of stuffed animal hide- I had to go freestyle! I really do like it, but I’ve seen other reviews that think that the posing angle on the cover gives it definition taht it really doesn’t have. I had to shape the waist a little. I’d love to see you make it!


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