Wearable Wednesday PPQ

I am intrigued with this collection- it’s classy, it’s a little retro and it still has some stand out oddness for me to enjoy.

I read once that Cheetah in the old Tarzan movies was actually wearing little furry briefs to maintian the decency codes. That trivia just popped into my head…I know not why.

Do you think she dropped her tictacs in a glitter forest?

This motif got me very excited- I’m sort of vision impaired and I really thought it was candy corn.

The crotch on this one is bothering me…oh great, thats going to make unpleasant google research results….

 This is my favorite, even tho it is sans candy corn:

photo credits: Style.com

10 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday PPQ

  1. I can’t get past the WTF-ery of the glitter knee tights. My brain sees this as racy due to the “on her knees” connotation, but I can’t figure out how the glitter fits into that.

    I do like the first coat, but I’d want to tailor it differently, with a fitted bodice but a more flared bottom. The bodysuits are just a horror. And I agree, that one design looks like candy corn (but I’m visually challenged too so maybe that’s why). Actually, that whole outfit was “Stepford wife does Thanksgiving” to me.


  2. I am digging the cropped jacked in the second photo and stealing the image for my files. If I ever knock-off that jacket, I certainly won’t be wearing it with a hybrid bodysuit-tutu and tights ;-).


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