28 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday L’Wren Scott

  1. Really feminine but with undertones of “don’t mess with me” attitude.” Great choice. The jade green dress is my favourite but really I’d take any of them.


  2. Oh lovely. There isn’t anything to be snarky about, although I’d be smiling more if I was wearing that green dress. I do like the expression on the model for the third dress, it’s like she’s saying “hell ya I’m wearing this dress and you aren’t – it’s ALL mine!”. I’d like to see the line drawing for that one, I think some of the details are lost in the print.


  3. Hey, it has me giddy too! Beautiful stuff except for those silly ruffle pockets? on the first skirt. I love the green outfit. I would snatch that jacket right off of her if she came
    anywhere near me. What a fabulous color it is! Oh and the eggplant evening gown.
    I want to know just where mujerboricua got fabric like the green outfit!


  4. What a stunning collection…love the colors … hard to pick a favorite, but as I look lovingly at the evening gown…George Costanza’s wish to be draped in velvet comes to mind…just beautiful!!!!


  5. Kat H says:

    Hi there! Can you email me your address and size to macska at gmail dot com and I’ll send you out the Mystery Makes pack that you won from my blog. 🙂


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