Just leave my meals at the door …and walk away..

Oh, what’s a girl to do? There are not enough hours in the day to play, you know?Yesterday the Divine and soon to be blessed Kat took the time to send me a mystery bundle. I love it! I have a deadline (but I don’t feel pressured- just invigorated!) to  use the items in a project and then post about it. Oh, what to  do, what to do! Check out the haul:

I can picture something like 3 Hours Past is showing us…. or an embellished Lisette…. did you notice that little polka-dotted belt buckle- squeal!!!

I’m also am signed up for A Perfect Nose’s One Cool Thing/One Strange Thing Swap. This is a wonderful hoarders dream! I can’t wait to see what other people bought when they were shopping and had than moment when their minds glaze over and the cart fills with the textile equivalent of an episode of ‘Chopped!’

Here are the rules:

-Crappy things not allowed.  (OH well!)

-Entries will be accepted until March 31st, 2012 and a list of interested swap contributors drawn up.

– Each swap contributor will send one cool thing and one strange thing to their nominated swap partner within a month.

I’m supposed to help the other involved bloggers by sharing my likes and taste with a style board perhaps- I’m not too great at that so I’m working on a pinterest board of my random fancies.

Sniff- sniff….do you smell something? Like a spoiled smell? Something slightly off and perhaps rotten? Oh! It’s just me!

 Mr B surprised me with the Singer 160- look at all the paw prints on it already- I swear, I stroked it more than the pups last evening! Got to love what a nerd thinks is the perfect gift, right?  

 photo credits: little me, Perfect Nose, NY Public Library archives

Wearable Wednesday Isabel Marant

I love a designer that makes ‘pop’ pieces. I can see alot of these being incorporated easilly into a wardobe. Of course it is easier the old fashioned way- stealing them from your cool indie-poet boyfriends closet… These  looks would all be excellent proof for your friends of any  rumored walk of shame from Johnny Depp’s Marmont suite…

I really like these pieces….and I must have the shoes.

Disclaimor: I am in no way implying that the Depp is short, I’m sure he’s just perfect.

photo credits: style.com

Where’s the soda jerk?

This weekend I finished one of the new Cynthia Rowleys- Simplicity 1872:

‘Dear Model, please eat something…’

I love the sleeves on view A and I did some stash busting- I know, I did! I used fabric from the closet- I didn’t even know I was capable of it!

This blouse has a decidedly retro feel to me- so in honor of Andy and Betsy-

here we go:

My local hamlet is shockingly devoid of soda fountain-esque locales, so here we are hamming it up at the new Quick Trip! Oh, does the classiness ever end?

No ma’am, it does not! Here I am basking in the glow of the taquito rotisserie. Glam, thy name is Annie!

Dig the hoof-covers, teen angels- Lord I love my saddle shoes, oh, I can’t decide if I will be buried in them- with the casket open knee down of course- or leave all of my money to them.

I digress. Aren’t these sleeves totally ginchy? Fully lined. I glow, I do.

Why is it that even faux wraps act gappy? I’ve got a snap, a pin, a safety-pin, duct tape, a baby alligator and all of my force of will trying to keep anyone to my right from being flesh-blinded by my peeka-boo bunny show!  See, if the model had been graced with anything atop her ribs, I would have noticed this, but NO- she is not very curvinous. No breastal foreshadowing from the pattern envelope. Oh, well.

Yes, ‘m smiling because photo boy neglected to tell me about the obscene gap-age.

One more soda fountain homage, Cary Grant style:

I’ll bet the waitress left him a tip….

photo credits: meadhawg, google images

Main Street Style ….

It’s a lazy sunday morning- I need to hem my latest project, so I thought I would share some pictures from our most recent Disneyworld trip.  We are always amazed at the show put on for us at Disney…

not always the one sponsored by Walt tho…. I think Juniors face summed this up for us:

We’ve noticed over the years that there are 2 kinds of tourist- one that is fully into the experience and buys every mouse artifact they can strap on and the more interesting- the one determined to maintain their everyday personal style at all costs! Granny refuses to be humidities slave:

Take your cool to visit Mickey!


 Cutting Class again, Miss?  Really people, stop dressing so foolishly in public!

Due to budget cuts- the 3 o’clock parade has been greatly reduced….

photo credits: meadhawg

It’s Vintage so it’s ok….or, think Lucy, be Ethel…

The husband and I are going to see Pink Martini at the end of the month and while I’m not always an advocate of theme dressing- you’ll lose any scavenger hunt that asks you to find a snowman vest in my closet- I think a little vintage kitschy fabness is called for. I know, I know- I have stated my lack of warmth toward the Butterick beast, but I claim special dispensation- it’s a vintage reissue, so IT’S SUPPOSED TO LOOK DATED! Not just the usual ‘gee I feel ready to watch a Full House marathon in this’ I usually experience. I am embracing the datedness…..of 1947.

I chanel the great spirit of Vivian Vance to guide my dressing…… well, not really, I just look alot like Ethel Mertz in this dress. Luckilly my ‘Fred’ is very supportive- he thinks this dress is great.

I predict a lot of inappropriate events being scheduled for it.

‘Hey, I’m going to the Sams, why not put on that pretty blue dress and ride along’

‘eh..’  Well, supportive shouldn’t be poo-poo’d,  right? Katze is standing in for Lucy in our photo shoot- she has serious top hat envy, by the way.

Pattern Review seriousness:

This was so easy! I am thrilled with how easy my little toe-dip into the vintage pool was. I feel my courage growing. By mid-summer I just know I’ll be at Sams in full Louis IIIX splendour! Widen the aisles- here some Annie in her panniers!  Let them eat bulk packaged cake, say I!

Changes? I love this fabric, but it was a little heavy for self-lining, so I used a charmeuse and it was just fine. I also had to hand gather the skirt- which is good- I eased out alot of the fullness in the poochal area in favor of actually giving myself a fanny. A dream fullfilled- I have a tush in this dress! As you may have gathered, I am really pleased with myself. Here is some Pink Martini to dig while you create today!


photo credits: meadhawg, Butterick, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

I am a little ray of Sunshine….hey- quit that eye-rolling!

I have been graciously nominated for a Sunshine Award…..take that 3rd grade teacher who felt I was pouty! Elle C Sews nominated me for this and Lena of  the SewingSpace nominated me for Kreativ Blogger. I am very excited about this one- because I get to talk about me and answer 5 searing Barbara Walters-esque questions! Take it away Barbara:

BW: Anne, may I call you Anne? What is your favorite color?

Me: Well, I’m drawn to shades of green and earth-

BW: I like red. I also have 147 Emmy awards. What is your favorite animal?

Me: I like dachshunds and manatees- I feel they have a soulfu-

BW: I like camels- I use them to carry my Women’s Media Foundation Lifetime achievement awards around.

Me: can i finish my manatee thought?

BW: No, it was boring. I know what works- I have a been inducted into Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame “for being acknowledged worldwide as one of television’s most respected interviewers and journalists”. Manatee stories don’t sell.

Me: Ok, cool. I think you’re supposed to ask me about my favorite number. It’s 3- I was the 3rd of 3 children-

BW: Boring!! Please try to make your answers interesting. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Me: I like egg creams and Dole Whip floats

BW: I like Matt Lauer to serve me a well- mixed old fashioned while wearing a frilly apron.  

Me: um, that sounds nice-

BW:SHH! I’m picturing Matt Lauer!

Me: You seem busy- can I just answer these myself? You seem to have dropped the notes….ok, Facebook or Twitter? I’ve never twitted- I like facebook because I can keep track of my myriad nieces and nephews and play Words with Friends

BW: I have 73 million facebook followers! I’ve never seen you on it.

Me: My passion? Well, I’m sort of shallow. I have a lot of little interests. Harrison Fisher illustrations, Jane Austen re-tellings, Disney art, old movies-

BW: Matt Lauer!

Me: no, not really- but he seems nice…..Giving or getting gifts? Depends.  love giving just the right gift to someone who you know will go bananas over it and I love getting gifts from someone who really knows me and can surprise me in a good way. I might be hard to buy for!

BW: I have my assistant send out lists with a sliding income scale at Christmas…

Me: Huh. My favorite pattern is currently anything Cynthia Rowley- I really like her tunicy-ness. Barbara?

BW: Stop hounding me.

Me: My favorite day of the week? I like Wednesday… I’m not sure-

BW: The View is on every day!

Me: Yes, I see that. My favorite flower is a columbine- I love how they have a delicate animated look. My favorite celebrity role model-

BW: It’s me! It’s me!!

Ok, maybe we’d just better keep this moving.. my nominees- and this definitely should not be kept private are:  

Crazed Sewer 

Ready, thread, Sew

Dapper Duds

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendour

Handmade Mess

Eating WDW


I love this community, thank you for letting me be a part of it!

PS- No journalists were harmed during the making of this post.

photo credits: google images

The Connery Plaid Set-up…..

How cool is this?

Seriously! Look at it again…..

Is this not the coolest plaid you have ever seen without Sean Connery draped in it?

You know who else is exceedingly cool?

Laurie the marvelous Sewist who gave it to me just because I ooh’d and aah’d over it!

Laurie, I hereby offer to set you up on a date with Mr Connery or the plaid enthusiast of your choice because you are too sweet!!!!

Laurie, I thank you bunches!!!

Now I must run back to the Plotting Chamber to stroke this fabric and coo….

 Photo credits: little me,. google images

Wearable Wednesday -Collette Dinnigan

In this show, our Collette professes to get a little edgy- the models pranced thru Blondie and Shirley Manson…….

Edgy is ‘Dinnigan’ for sheer. This is edgy like watching the Duchess of Cambridge eat ribs.

I like it, I do- but I picked ones that didn’t require the trench coat mostly for your viewing pleasure…..do forgive me.

Why be edgy when you can be lovely?

I want to pet these and see if they come with tiny fairy wings

I wonder if the booties are scratchy- well, one must suffer, right?

Something about this last one stands out…hmmm….

photo credits- style.com

Who wears the pants?

So I keep saying that I need to make more adult clothing. The dachshunds keep nodding. When I saw adult, I mean suity, not Dita.  Thats an entire different skill set! Altho, Bruder would love some garter straps to play with….

No, I’m afraid at some point my boss is going to announce the end of scrubs and the start of dressing like real people do. Seeing some of my clothes, won’t be regret that!

So I got a free bundle from Fabricmart (oh, I love you fabricmart…..sigh) and it had a lovely, tho possibly a wee bit ‘chefy’ piece of black and white houndstooth. So I’m sacrificing it to the easiest non-drawstring waist pants pattern I have…….

Yous see, pants do scare me. I have hippage and a very flat- ‘Hey Ethel, lets show the kids those slides of us at the Springs last year’ kind of tuchus.

I know, ahem, I JUST KNOW that I can call upon this fabulous community for hand holding while I try to progress into a pair of pants that my Mother will decree as ‘Now that’s how Ladies YOUR AGE should be dressing……’


photo credits: meadhawg,pattern review, google images