Rejoice Children! The Swinton is Sighted!

It’s been so cold without the glorious presence of our Tilda during Oscar season- shame on you academy for your foolish choices! But at last she has returned to us- with 2 Paris apparitions this week! 

 We at ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Swinton’ have been praying extra hard and here’s the reward!

Of course she is at Haider Akermann- in the shoes we all loved so much! I’m still loving that jacket…..I like this picture- all the extra space for me to photoshop the dachshunds and I into for our next Christmas card!

Can you be in two places at once? Yetis and the Swinton can! Behold- Lanvin’s show….

Psst- where ever you stand in Paris, it’s like she’s looking straight at you! She knows, yes she knows.

Tildists,  this is a lovely day for draping, don’t you think? Swintonsympatico thoughts are always welcome below.

photo credits: google images, The Cut

15 thoughts on “Rejoice Children! The Swinton is Sighted!

  1. I want to swan through life as a Tilda, draped in silks and textured velvet. However, I’ve got to ask — is a Tildaesque height and figure required? Because if I tried to wear the suit in the first picture, I’m pretty sure I’d look like a pile of laundry instead of a Swinton.


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