Wearable Wednesday bundles up with Sacai

Won’t you come in? Here let me just take your coat…

No? You’re sure? Aren’t you finding it a bit warm in here?

Ok, well, I just thought you looked a little warm…..

No, it’s ok, I don’t mind opening a window and getting you a cold drink….

Well, I just thought you might be hiding a really nice dress under there…

Um, ok, I forgot you get all angry looking when you are cold.

photo credits: Style.com

17 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday bundles up with Sacai

  1. With how skinny those girls look I’m surprised they can even stand and walk with two plus layers of clothing on…Geez, do they all have to share a carrot and a stalk of celery for the week or what? I like the first coat a lot, but man if you are going to show legs in short skirts, can we get something besides knobby knees….


  2. Thanks for the chuckle…..I get more than just angry looking when I’m cold….seriously…and I am cold all of the time. It’s a relief to know how chic I am….suspected it all along – lol These girls look like they fell out of bed onto the rug, wrapped themselves up in them before going on their casting call for “An unfortunate series of events”


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