We have a Winner….or two…

Good Evening Ladies and perhaps Gentlemen! My lovely Assistant Helen is very excited to anounce the winners of the very First Pretty Grievances Pattern Giveaway!I have of course chosen Helen because of her excelellent sartorial choices- you know I think every garden needs a leopard or two.

Who do we have Helen?

Helen: I’m sorry who are you and why am I here? I told the Driver to take me to the Jack in the Box after the premiere- where am I and why are all of these dachshunds wearing tiaras?

Please Helen, you will be released as soon as you name the winners.

Helen: RELEASED?? Ok, just give me the #@&** envelope!

Ok, the first winner of Prize #1- the lovely Simplicity is Gabrielle !

Prize #2- the frisky McCalls is Vicki Kate …. Oh for pity sake- tell that dog to stop licking my pumps- it’s not good for the nap!  

Thank you, Helen and of course all of our participants. Helen and I request that you email us at bmoviemouse (at) hotmail(dot) com  with your address.

  Helen: I’m getting the *(&^% out of here- I don’t like the way that dog is eyeing my gloves!

photo credits: Daily Mail

10 thoughts on “We have a Winner….or two…

  1. My cats would disembowel us in our sleep if we attempted to put them in tiaras.

    I love those gloves and shoes! I’m not sure I could get away with that whole outfit, though. I think I’d have to be the Divine Ms. Helen to carry it off.


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