Who wears the pants?

So I keep saying that I need to make more adult clothing. The dachshunds keep nodding. When I saw adult, I mean suity, not Dita.  Thats an entire different skill set! Altho, Bruder would love some garter straps to play with….

No, I’m afraid at some point my boss is going to announce the end of scrubs and the start of dressing like real people do. Seeing some of my clothes, won’t be regret that!

So I got a free bundle from Fabricmart (oh, I love you fabricmart…..sigh) and it had a lovely, tho possibly a wee bit ‘chefy’ piece of black and white houndstooth. So I’m sacrificing it to the easiest non-drawstring waist pants pattern I have…….

Yous see, pants do scare me. I have hippage and a very flat- ‘Hey Ethel, lets show the kids those slides of us at the Springs last year’ kind of tuchus.

I know, ahem, I JUST KNOW that I can call upon this fabulous community for hand holding while I try to progress into a pair of pants that my Mother will decree as ‘Now that’s how Ladies YOUR AGE should be dressing……’


photo credits: meadhawg,pattern review, google images

20 thoughts on “Who wears the pants?

  1. Feel your pain….my tummy is much bigger than my bummy!!! So hard to fit…makes much sense to sew … good luck. Identify so w/mother’s admonishment to dress more age appropriately….if I did, I would probably never leave the house. You keep your unique style …. just not enuf to weird out the locals!!!


  2. I used that pattern to make my second pair of pants. I definitely had to alter things to fit, but it wasn’t *too* *too* bad.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I passed a Sunshine award onto you; no obligation to participate though! 🙂


  3. Pant’s are difficult to fit, no doubt about it but I would be happy to hold your hand. Start with buying the pattern that fits your hip measurement. Measure your favorite pair of rtw pants at the hips, waist and leg circumference to determine the ease amounts that you like and compare that to the pattern before you cut your muslin. For your body type ( more tummy than tush) I usually recommend turning the pattern front to back but with this style that would prove difficult….something to keep in mind though for a simpler pair. Feel free to private message me if you would like a worksheet to figure out what pattern alterations to do.

    Oh boy, you have adventure in learning ahead:)


  4. Actually, I have a question, is this the type of pants you plan to wear every day? Because if this really isn’t the type of pants you want to wear, I’d start with a pattern that is more like what you want. You already have the skill to sew, it sounds like you need to work with the fitting, and this pattern isn’t going to get you there. I’ve heard good things about the Style Arc patterns from Shams, and I’ve had decent luck with Jalie and Burda. I think we both have similar body shapes to you.

    I didn’t mean any offense, so I apologize if it sounds like I did. 😦


    • I’m certainly not offended in the least- no, no. I welcome the educated input. Mostly I chose this pattern for it’s style being somethign I thought I could work into my way-too-casual life without feeling too buttoned up. A starting point to working with the shape. It didn’t look too intimidating. I also know how Simplicity runs size-wise for me. I wanted and easy win so I’d have a little faux courage onboard!


      • Ah! Well, then these may be what you are looking for after all. I was just worried that you would make them up, hoping for a specific fit, and get discouraged and not try pants again. Just remember, pants are a completely different animal, so if the Simplicity pants draft doesn’t fit the way you want, you may want to try a different company before getting too frustrated. Which is altogether easier to say than to actually remember when things don’t go as planned. 😉


  5. mrsmole says:

    I use Coni Crawford Butterick 5222 for all my clients no matter what size from 10-24 as the side seams hang straight and the larger sizes have a higher center back seam to remain on the waist when sitting down. It’s worth a try making a muslin and seeing how different they are. There is no leg bagging under the butt and the fronts fit smooth. Her sizing is close to RTW so as Lynn recommended, buy you hip size and go from there. Good luck!


  6. I have not too much advice (especially since your pants fit is pretty much the opposite of mine) but I love seeing people make trousers, so I say go for it! Once you get a TNT of the fit you like, it wil be so much easier, too. 🙂


  7. I’m making jeans at the moment – so my advice is – WATCH THE CROTCH. Outside seams are easy – straight sewing – it’s the bit in middle that causes the problems. Hope this helps 🙂


  8. What can I say, you’ve got great helpers on board. I haven’t tried the Connie Crawford pants but I have had good luck with some of the Sewing Workshop pants
    and Hot Patterns. I think Colette has a similar pair of pants too. Anyway just take your time with this first pair, do the fittings and adjustments because once you get it just the way you like it, pants are a piece of cake to put together. Just watch that crotch! 🙂


  9. I just made a pair of pants (my second pair ever) and had success due to lots of flat pattern measuring (check out my blog if you haven’t already for a sample measurement chart). A key for me was measuring my crotch length with a front and back measurement vs. just the full front to back length. Doing that helped me understand where I needed more room (or body space) at the crotch seam.


  10. ericapenton says:

    Pants. Are. Terrifying. Good luck to you – keep us updated! Pants for Real People seems to be the book I hear a lot about – maybe try the library?


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