Wearable Wednesday -Collette Dinnigan

In this show, our Collette professes to get a little edgy- the models pranced thru Blondie and Shirley Manson…….

Edgy is ‘Dinnigan’ for sheer. This is edgy like watching the Duchess of Cambridge eat ribs.

I like it, I do- but I picked ones that didn’t require the trench coat mostly for your viewing pleasure…..do forgive me.

Why be edgy when you can be lovely?

I want to pet these and see if they come with tiny fairy wings

I wonder if the booties are scratchy- well, one must suffer, right?

Something about this last one stands out…hmmm….

photo credits- style.com

19 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday -Collette Dinnigan

  1. The fourth one is gorgeous! Pastille from the Colette Handbook would be a great place to start if you wanted to produce an ‘inspired by’ dress… Hmmm, that’s another item in my ‘to sew’ que then!


  2. I like the cut and style of most, but some like the skirt are a bit silly.
    The last one reminds me of those awful 60’s clown paintings. The sad clown in face with those gathered necklines and sleeves…


  3. mrsmole says:

    That last one was a hoot but the rest are nice. It is a challenge to make lace into something not to grandma-like but these look fresh, not edgy really but wearable with a lining or nude slip. The booties….how do they stay up and not slide down the foot? Thanks for sharing these beauties!


  4. All of them but the last two are surprisingly lovely and wearable. And I have to confess that I love a trench coat, apparently a black velvet-y one especially. πŸ™‚


  5. colette is much lauded downunder ( But I still can`t afford her – dang it ) -she is only the australian designer to have showings in Paris. I wonder if that feather boa thingey was meant to be worn around the hips in the last picture ( or perhaps a black lacey sporran might be appropriate ).


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