The Connery Plaid Set-up…..

How cool is this?

Seriously! Look at it again…..

Is this not the coolest plaid you have ever seen without Sean Connery draped in it?

You know who else is exceedingly cool?

Laurie the marvelous Sewist who gave it to me just because I ooh’d and aah’d over it!

Laurie, I hereby offer to set you up on a date with Mr Connery or the plaid enthusiast of your choice because you are too sweet!!!!

Laurie, I thank you bunches!!!

Now I must run back to the Plotting Chamber to stroke this fabric and coo….

 Photo credits: little me,. google images

17 thoughts on “The Connery Plaid Set-up…..

  1. Ooo… love it! Whatcha gonna do with it?! A little bunched up Vivienne Westwood number? Guess I’ll have to wait ’til you’ve finished stroking and cooing at least!


  2. This totally reminds me of my uniform jumper from st. Margaret Mary in grade school, only much more shiny and nonconformist! I’m pretty intrigued about what you will pick, post lots of pictures please


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