I am a little ray of Sunshine….hey- quit that eye-rolling!

I have been graciously nominated for a Sunshine Award…..take that 3rd grade teacher who felt I was pouty! Elle C Sews nominated me for this and Lena of  the SewingSpace nominated me for Kreativ Blogger. I am very excited about this one- because I get to talk about me and answer 5 searing Barbara Walters-esque questions! Take it away Barbara:

BW: Anne, may I call you Anne? What is your favorite color?

Me: Well, I’m drawn to shades of green and earth-

BW: I like red. I also have 147 Emmy awards. What is your favorite animal?

Me: I like dachshunds and manatees- I feel they have a soulfu-

BW: I like camels- I use them to carry my Women’s Media Foundation Lifetime achievement awards around.

Me: can i finish my manatee thought?

BW: No, it was boring. I know what works- I have a been inducted into Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame “for being acknowledged worldwide as one of television’s most respected interviewers and journalists”. Manatee stories don’t sell.

Me: Ok, cool. I think you’re supposed to ask me about my favorite number. It’s 3- I was the 3rd of 3 children-

BW: Boring!! Please try to make your answers interesting. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Me: I like egg creams and Dole Whip floats

BW: I like Matt Lauer to serve me a well- mixed old fashioned while wearing a frilly apron.  

Me: um, that sounds nice-

BW:SHH! I’m picturing Matt Lauer!

Me: You seem busy- can I just answer these myself? You seem to have dropped the notes….ok, Facebook or Twitter? I’ve never twitted- I like facebook because I can keep track of my myriad nieces and nephews and play Words with Friends

BW: I have 73 million facebook followers! I’ve never seen you on it.

Me: My passion? Well, I’m sort of shallow. I have a lot of little interests. Harrison Fisher illustrations, Jane Austen re-tellings, Disney art, old movies-

BW: Matt Lauer!

Me: no, not really- but he seems nice…..Giving or getting gifts? Depends.  love giving just the right gift to someone who you know will go bananas over it and I love getting gifts from someone who really knows me and can surprise me in a good way. I might be hard to buy for!

BW: I have my assistant send out lists with a sliding income scale at Christmas…

Me: Huh. My favorite pattern is currently anything Cynthia Rowley- I really like her tunicy-ness. Barbara?

BW: Stop hounding me.

Me: My favorite day of the week? I like Wednesday… I’m not sure-

BW: The View is on every day!

Me: Yes, I see that. My favorite flower is a columbine- I love how they have a delicate animated look. My favorite celebrity role model-

BW: It’s me! It’s me!!

Ok, maybe we’d just better keep this moving.. my nominees- and this definitely should not be kept private are:  

Crazed Sewer 

Ready, thread, Sew

Dapper Duds

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendour

Handmade Mess

Eating WDW


I love this community, thank you for letting me be a part of it!

PS- No journalists were harmed during the making of this post.

photo credits: google images

22 thoughts on “I am a little ray of Sunshine….hey- quit that eye-rolling!

  1. I’ve never heard of Barbara Walters, but I’ve heard of you – you’re famous and I’m guessing here – but I figure you posses more rapid wit and repartee than someone with teased hair and a plastic face… just a guess though


  2. PS did you know the links don’t seem to be working …. I get taken to a search page which gives me links for “pretty russian ladies” or something. interesting!


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