21 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Limi Feu

  1. Given enough time and some decent black fabric I could probably turn out some similar sacks. Although I can see that they could be pet wear. I’m sure I could carry a terrier or two in those pockets or folds.


  2. Ok, the pants-jumpsuit is kinda neat. In a “OMG I see what you did!” kinda way.

    The rest… why does so much runway fashion make me go “someone gets paid for that?”


  3. mrsmole says:

    Come on Ladies, who doesn’t need a perfect outfit for shoplifting from time to time?
    Great traveling clothes, pack a lunch, bring a beach towel and stuff them into your pants….and what is the point of having stick thin models…these garments would cover all sizes!


  4. LOL for Barbara’s (insensitive?) comment! Even my dog looked at me strangely! Looking through the pics in the post was the PERFECT prelude to her comment! All the comments are hilarious! And here I am, “who the heck is Limi Feu?” I’m rolling on the floor…..


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