Main Street Style ….

It’s a lazy sunday morning- I need to hem my latest project, so I thought I would share some pictures from our most recent Disneyworld trip.  We are always amazed at the show put on for us at Disney…

not always the one sponsored by Walt tho…. I think Juniors face summed this up for us:

We’ve noticed over the years that there are 2 kinds of tourist- one that is fully into the experience and buys every mouse artifact they can strap on and the more interesting- the one determined to maintain their everyday personal style at all costs! Granny refuses to be humidities slave:

Take your cool to visit Mickey!


 Cutting Class again, Miss?  Really people, stop dressing so foolishly in public!

Due to budget cuts- the 3 o’clock parade has been greatly reduced….

photo credits: meadhawg

26 thoughts on “Main Street Style ….

  1. Thanks for sharing…know you had a great time; but poor Junior, he may have issues with women for the rest of his life…can you imagine that view at close eye level.


  2. Looks like you must be having a great trip. I tend to find that checking out the people at places like this is nearly as much fun as the actual touristy thing. 😉 I think the pic with the black underwear is both horrifying and hilarious.


  3. There is never enough Disney stuff to drape over my body when we go to Disneyland. I haven’t been for a very long time and I am still dragging around a Mickey Tote bag. Although I do prefer Donald and Daisy.

    The thing I miss most about living in a big city is people watching, where I live it is too homogeneous to be interesting.


  4. Great pics – I particularly love the sartorial elegance of the man who has “matched” his shirt and shorts and then put on socks that can’t decide whether they are long or short! Not to mention the VPL.


  5. Mr Tie-dye’s wife is cruel. She is taking advantage of her OH’s in ability to see what the clothing he puts on actually looks like. Either that or he has the kindest heart in the world and will wear whatever ‘because she made it.’


  6. I am speechless by the photo of the woman with VPL! People watching is the best attraction there is at the parks. I haven’t yet figured out how to take stealth pictures so people don’t realize I am photographing them. Going to work on that on my next trip.


  7. I’m pretty sure the Japanese schoolgirls were actually Japanese schoolgirls — probably there on a field trip or something. Those uniforms are EXTREMELY authentic.

    I can’t figure out how Mr. Tie Dye’s wife let him leave the hotel room either. Unless they ran out of clothes on this trip.


  8. You know, I’ve enjoyed re-living these fashion moments so much, I think this may have to be a regular feature!
    Tourism Travesties?
    Themepark Terror Alerts?
    Walt’s Wonders?
    Mickey’s misguided?


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