Where’s the soda jerk?

This weekend I finished one of the new Cynthia Rowleys- Simplicity 1872:

‘Dear Model, please eat something…’

I love the sleeves on view A and I did some stash busting- I know, I did! I used fabric from the closet- I didn’t even know I was capable of it!

This blouse has a decidedly retro feel to me- so in honor of Andy and Betsy-

here we go:

My local hamlet is shockingly devoid of soda fountain-esque locales, so here we are hamming it up at the new Quick Trip! Oh, does the classiness ever end?

No ma’am, it does not! Here I am basking in the glow of the taquito rotisserie. Glam, thy name is Annie!

Dig the hoof-covers, teen angels- Lord I love my saddle shoes, oh, I can’t decide if I will be buried in them- with the casket open knee down of course- or leave all of my money to them.

I digress. Aren’t these sleeves totally ginchy? Fully lined. I glow, I do.

Why is it that even faux wraps act gappy? I’ve got a snap, a pin, a safety-pin, duct tape, a baby alligator and all of my force of will trying to keep anyone to my right from being flesh-blinded by my peeka-boo bunny show!  See, if the model had been graced with anything atop her ribs, I would have noticed this, but NO- she is not very curvinous. No breastal foreshadowing from the pattern envelope. Oh, well.

Yes, ‘m smiling because photo boy neglected to tell me about the obscene gap-age.

One more soda fountain homage, Cary Grant style:

I’ll bet the waitress left him a tip….

photo credits: meadhawg, google images

33 thoughts on “Where’s the soda jerk?

  1. mrsmole says:

    That model could be a teenaged boy for lack of boob-age. Love the sleeves and double at that…yummy!
    Where did you get those saddle shoes? Takes me back to the days in Catholic school when the nuns made us kneel at out desks and make sure the hem of our uniforms hit the ground and we were wearing full slips…ahhh modesty at it’s best. What about adding some colored lace in the “inset” that is gaping? You could make it look like you intended it to be there all along, something the color of the magnificent drink you are sipping perhaps or the darling wrist bag?


  2. I love your blouse, and I love your shoes! The inset idea may be worth playing with if the gap bugs you too much. Funny how certain photographers never care to mention certain things!


  3. Cuteness metre is up for the top (and the bag). Very nice indeed. I wouldn’t get buried in the shoes.. you would have people digging you up to get to them (I might even be one of those people ……!)


  4. Cute top (should go without saying). You certainly do live the high life, 2 slurpees! You didn’t share like Andy and Betsy.

    What size shoe do you wear? I do have your address so one day you may return home from work to find your shoes missing. I will bribe the dogs with filet mignon cooked medium rare.


  5. That top looks WAY better on you than the model, even with the gaps! I think it’s really best on someone with curves. Alas, since my upper half is modelesque, I’ll have to admire this pattern on others.


  6. The top is gorgeous and you had THAT FABRIC languishing in your stash?!?! It is all kinds of spring style cute! I love the colour. I also love your shoes – very very covetable…


  7. That is a gorgeous fabric – and perfect for that pattern! I’m sure you’ll find a way to fix the gap problem – the top is too cute not to wear! Thanks for the Cary Grant photo – sigh. 🙂


  8. Cute! I agree with whoever said to put some lace in that neckline, it’ll cover up any indecency, and still be pretty. And those shoes are fantastique! 🙂 My SIL is a soda jerk, the difference in taste on the soda is amazing–it’s way better (subtly sweet and not quite as harsh) when she makes it!


  9. So cute, that’s a great match of pattern and print.

    It’s an odd thing that wrap tops can be so flattering to a curvy figure but cause such problems with gaposis. I like the lace idea to make it look intentional.


  10. ericapenton says:

    I never would have noticed the shape issue based on the package! I vote for the lace as well – you can’t let such cute fabric go to waste! I’ve got the same pattern, but I guess I’ll either plan to wear a tank underneath or do some magical bodice fitting somehow. Thanks for the heads up!


  11. “I’ll bet the waitress left him a tip.” You should copyright that line. I have wrap tops that I just leave the safety pin stuck in all the time. Poor thing is probably rusted on at this point. And it still barely helps. Notice she standing board straight, though. As long as you don’t move…

    I spy a little Disney purse 😉


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