Wearable Wednesday Isabel Marant

I love a designer that makes ‘pop’ pieces. I can see alot of these being incorporated easilly into a wardobe. Of course it is easier the old fashioned way- stealing them from your cool indie-poet boyfriends closet… These  looks would all be excellent proof for your friends of any  rumored walk of shame from Johnny Depp’s Marmont suite…

I really like these pieces….and I must have the shoes.

Disclaimor: I am in no way implying that the Depp is short, I’m sure he’s just perfect.

photo credits: style.com

21 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Isabel Marant

  1. deanna says:

    my favorite is the blue shirt with the tank under of course! I also love the pants that are with it, the buttons on the side! I know i am sooooooo predictable! Now where is our gratuitous shot of johnny depp!!!


  2. I love the lace-up leather pants (in black though, I can’t pull off browns) and the pants that have the buttons on the side. I’ll skip the 1990’s “western theme” shirts–I wore enough of those as a young child for my lifetime.

    As for Johnny Depp, who cares if he’s short? I’m short too. 😉


    • Ah, I was waiting for this! At first I thought hse was wearing an ill-advised fannypack, but I think it may be the blouse just pouffing strangley in front. Please Lord, let it be the blouse just pouffing strangley!


  3. I’ll take the entire 3rd ensemble! I LOVE those pants! I came across a flared with lacing detail up the side seams pair of bronze leather pants years ago – in my size – at one of our discount chains and passed them up because the friend I was shopping with told me they weren’t worth the $150. Why? The fastenings on the waist were broken. I have regretted not purchasing those pants ever since.


      • The yoke comes down too low, it looks like it would reach the middle of her breasts, the round neck is too wide with out being low enough to balance it, there is no definition anywhere, it almost makes the model look large. Clearly this isn’t possible as models can weigh no more that 47 pounds nowadays. What are those things on the hips, pockets, buttons, what? They look stupid too. I really hate this dress. Can you tell. I probably wasn’t clear. I will say it again. I HATE THIS DRESS.


  4. FINALLY — a designer where I can say, I’d wear all of that! Not necessarily together, but apparently Isabel Marant speaks my language. Or maybe I just really like “pop” designers too. I even have a pattern for a cowboy shirt in my stash!


  5. Oooh, I love all of these! Totally clothes/outfits I’d wear. Need to make you a mixtape for keeping me in the designer know. I’d press a record, but then I’d have to eat ramen for a year.


  6. Oh I think it is a fanny pack ….. Hmmm, not sure about that but I missed it the first few times through.

    I love the blue ….love the blue. Love the blue. gotta check this isabel person out. :o)


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