Sometimes it’s 1 for me, 1 for another…..

Peggy Pickles, are you out there? Well, I have to thank you, once more for your Pillowcase Dress Challenge. I really feel enriched by it. After seeing Peggy’s posts, I started making dresses too- I needed a balance between my spoiled self and reality, you know?

While I spend most of my time laid up on velvet with a glossy mag, caramels and my dachsie minions, I can get a little forgetful of the rest of the planet. So every month I try to use all of my excess fabric from my projects and make at least 5 dresses to send out. I’m really enjoying this- sometimes I want the activity of sewing but not the planning, scheming and whatnot that an assault on Lisette can entail, you know?  Here’s a little sampling of this months mailing:

Look familiar? It’s from my eye-searing Cynthia Rowley

This is from a future post- possibly to be titled “Tales of a retro Vogue Hunchback’.

Somewhere out there a child is just as gaudy as little me. Aw…..

Here is a link for an organization that is inside the US for anyone who wants to be involved but faints at the sight of the international shipping costs:

Little Dresses for Africa

thanks for indulging me. Don’t you think that  they should change their title to ‘Gaudy Little  Dresses for Africa’ to better suit what I can offer them? I’ll get a petition started.

photo credits:little me, NY Public Library archives

Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Sorry, that’s probably way too provocative a title for the nocturnal antics of the Grievous household.

Surely you must know that Karen of Did you make that? is hosting a Pyjama Party and we were all invited! Now little me is really more of a gown gal so I used a colorful, floaty gauze to whip up a little number. It’s Simplicity 9505, a simple peasant style top with a gathered neck and sleeves.

Karen, I thank you- this was a great idea and I love my new nightie!  We were also required to pull back the veil on our bed chambers and reveal whats on the bedside table of the participants.

I’d like you to think that I am all about some deep, socially relevant reading, so I’ve lied of course.

Here’s the real story:

Yes, multiple dachshunds and trashy smut! God bless it!  The book is a lovely Austen-homage I found, reputed to be the ‘lost sex scenes’ that Jane’s editor made her remove. They were found in a flowerbox of a Lake District home on a Jane Austen tour and lovingly published for future generations. The cover features Mr Collins about to get a caning. Of course, I don’t let the pups read it! These photos are staged of course, normally I don’t get this much of the bed. Scientific fact- late at night dachshunds inflate to 4 times their original size. The cats don’t stand a chance, nor the husband for that matter. But, luckily with such short legs you can roll them like logs.  But if you should go to the bathroom, you can assume you will not get your spot back- much less your pillow and blanket!

Katze Lu endures my reading- surely it must be time to turn off the light?!

** Now please everyone, I’m asking you kindly- please do not repost these hot, hot pin-ups for any online dating profiles you may be contemplating!**

photo credits: meadhawg, little me

Happy Pyjama Party everyone!

Time 100… 99 people and 1 mythical Beast

I was a little disappointed with the Time 100. I felt it was a little too…..oh, whats the word….unshallow. How am I supposed to read a whole list of people who save the planet but dress so blandly? UGH. Right before I nodded off I did see this:

Oh, wait ,sorry, that was after I nodded off. This is what I saw that thrilled me- the Swinton! I knew she was active- I felt my Swinton-senses timgling and she has a new movie coming out. Check out our Tilda in her way-cool formal space onsie! Anyone for Galactic Toddies?

Surely that isn’t a nametag- who doesn’t know the Swintonian?????

photo credits: google images

Wearable Wednesday- Peter Pilotto

Take a seat, get a beverage and prepare yourself for some whiplash. You can get whiplash from cocking your head to the side too hard, can’t you? We shall soon find out.

A lot of Pink Floyd was playing in the atellier, me thinks.

Nothing sets a mood like wearing a lava lamp. I have this next one, but mines a lamp I got at an estate sale.

I like this- because I’ve always wanted to see the inside of a robot muppet.

I have been flippant, but I do see so much good in the lines and fabrics of this design duo- I’m just not Daphne GUinness enough to carry these off.

When Gaga takes over the planet- this is what the police will wear…and perhaps the ski team:

One more for good measure:

What do you think? Other than you have an overwhelming desire to play “Dark Side of the Moon’ now….

photo credits: stylecom

When Dashing Met Darling…..Mccalls 6286

This is Darling….as in ‘My Darling  Clementine’ my new sewing machine that I can’t stop stroking….then wiping off the fingerprints….then stroking some more…….

This is Dashing… in Dashingmarmot or rather, this is what Javie sent me for the One Cool Thing/One strange thing Swap.

I have to say. Javie the Dashing failed miserably. She has no strange things…….IT WAS ALL SO FRAKING COOL!!!!!!!!  Seriously! I got a pattern magazine and this fabulous greeny gold quilting fabric and  A Thai silk and a huge amount of knit material that is perfect for my work scrubs! Spoiled me was in spoiled me heaven.I had to pause between items to fan myself.  I laid it all out around me and coo’ed ‘You are all my children’. As usual my husband ignored this and continued saving the princess in the computer room. He’s good that way.

So what was first? I took a break from my stroking and cooing regimine to decide on this: Mccalls 6286, the short-sleeved version. I really wish the pants were included in this pattern.

This is also my maiden voyage into the choppy  waters of button-hole making with my new baby. She did beautifully! Now if I can just get the marking pen off of it, we’ll be all set.

At this moment you may give way to shoe jealousy. It’s ok, I’ll wait.


Pattern review seriousness:This was easy-sneezy. Great pattern to work with- I think I need more. This documents me officially swearing off fusible interfacing- much ungainly bunching.   I chose some lavendar butterfly buttons to conflict with its slight military edge and because I’m just a pre-geriatric toddler at heart. I will definitely do this pattern again- I like the wide neckline and the sweep of it. My clothing test tends to be ‘Hmm- can I see myself in Disney in this?’  yes, yes I can.

Ms Marmot- I thank you from the depths of my ever-so-shallow heart! Baby you’ve got cool stuff!

*final thought- I tested the theory that posing with larger objects would make the subject look petite and frail by comparison…hence the WW2 tank….what ‘cha think? Should I try a u-boat next time? Perhaps the Chrysler Building? Greenland?

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images

Main Street madness!

I know it’s April, I know, but Disney takes planning, so my spoiled heart has already started thinking October Disney trip. Ok, actually in my head it’s more: OCTOBERDISNEYTRIP!!! Well, if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, right? So thoughts are turning to prospective Halloween costumes for the spousal and myself. I’m thinking Jane and Michael Banks:

He thinks no one will recognize us. So lets keep that in mind as we review some other popular children’s characters we saw last year. How about Peter Pan and Captain Hooker?

This one is notable for being willing to wear a costume, but unwilling to give up their favorite flipflops. Life is about compromise, right?

Some Disney fans feel that Hercules should be better represented in the parks:

Muffin-top Mummy perhaps?

This is one of our favs from this recent year- extra points to Mom for taking one for the team…. sideburns-wise:

Now in ther interest of fairness- we present one more haunting image- Mr B and I, circa 2006- pre-party dinner at O’Hana……oh, God my hair- I could have dressed as a spaniel?!

photo credits: meadhawg, google images

Wearable Wednesday Altuzarra

Summer is coming where I am but I’m not quite ready to succumb to summer in the south. Too-thin tank tops, daisy Dukes, shower shoes to church…I apologize to anyone out there that lives in a more Dixie Carter-centric south…. I also ask for directions to your house. So that being said, lets appreciate some layering and gorgeous pieces from Altuzarra while I can look at them without melting:

Your thoughts on layering, sherpa-duds and goat fur money belts? I’d love to see most of these pieces alone- they look like they could be very cool pop additions to my goatskin devoid dailywear.

photo credits:

Simplicity 1877 Leanne Marshall Project Runway Paleontologist!

Leanne Marshall’s new Simplicity line (only 2 patterns-sigh…) is very much to my liking. You know I picture myself as a swishy, delicate flower, these dresses really speak to that.

I made the less ruffly view- these hips weren’t made for rufflin’ you know? Have I mentioned that posing for pictures is acutely painful?


As another blogger mentioned- the waist pleat detail was explained a little strangely, but I think I ended up with a reasonable replica. As usual I gathered the waist to best suit my softly rounded areas- putting most of the gathers off the stomache- Lord knows, I’m already fairly gathered there already…..

The only other hurdle was the intricate flipping, tacking and general molesting of the shoulder ruffles. I pictured Ms Marshall having a lengthy convo with Mr Kors over them:

 ‘hmm- who exactly do you picture as your client? I know who I see….’

Seriously, in my mind- I see them as Stegasaurus epaulets…but to me, thats not a bad thing. Bring on the ice age!

My only real issue is that it’s not tremendously practical. I raised the neckline about 2 inches and still, it’s the perfect dress to wear to your own autopsy. Keeping the bunnies in the hutch will be an issue. I’ll practice my ‘bunny dip’ and try not to scare the village children. Seriously- most of the outtakes from this front yard adventure involved breastal glare and possibly neighbor glare, too.  I think this last pic is viciously domestic, don’t you think?

Oh, and to Kat: My first use of the Mystery Make notions is featured on the hem of this frock…dig those chubby knees!

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images

Jammies and Plans

Hurrah  for ‘Did you make that?‘  She’s throwing a pajama party! Now normally I am a very early to bed type and don’t have very fancy jammies. I sleep under 3 dogs and occasionally 2 cats- no need to work the peignoir most evenings.

But I think from the looks of abject horror, the husband would like to see something a little less suitable for yard work.

So I shall try- but I love flannel! I do! Surely there is a comfortable alternative to full- on seduction wear……

I’m looking at this:

As if this post wasn’t shocking enough……I think I’m going to use fabric from the closet of egregious textile hoarding! Children, the apocalypse is nigh!

On other scheming notes,  So, Zo….  is at it again with a wonderful and inspiring challenges.  ‘I, prttynpnk of Pretty Grievances, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear 1 me made piece each day for the duration of May 2012- excluding days that I never get free of my gorgeous brown scrubs! ‘      This is a big deal for me- I couldn’t do it until now, but I find myself already having favorites and reaching for more of my own creations than things I’ve previosuly relied on as staples. Yay me! 


photo credits: Meadhawg, Google images, NY Public Library Archives

A somber Note from the 4-Legged Editors of Pretty Grievances

This last week was a little hard at Camp Grievances, we lost our oldest and dearest feline- Mr Dashiell. He was 17 years old and a truly dear old soul.  I don’t have many pictures of Dash’ he had been in semi-retirement for quite some time. We weren’t going to mention it here, but another loss has happened recently to someone who we feel very strongly about.

The lovely Eva is pictured above with her human, Dita. Eva lived an appropriate lifestyle for Dachsies or stripey orange cats- jetsetting, expensive meals, lots of retro bedding and fancy rides in convertibles. I’m sure she had an enviable collar and headscarf collection.

Dita, my girls offer to share a toy with you and my husband says he is available to comfort you, if you need it. I told him that you were doing fine and a simple black-edged note of condolence would be sufficient.

photo credits: little me, Dachshund blogspot