April Fool’s Day ala Lisette….

Lisette. You know I love her. You know I do. Easy, pretty, fun. What’s not to love? There we were all laughing and joking together and I was at the cool table and then just like that- you treated me like I was carrying a Prada knock-off and sent me to sit with the un-cool kids. Story of my life.

But what did I do? I cut you out, following all markings and whatnot. I lovingly pre-washed your fabric, I started and all was going great- it felt like a 2 hour pattern.

I’ve returned in my mind to the scene of the crime numerous times. Was I distracted while cutting?

Somehow I ended up with one sleeve that fit perfectly into the facing and one that was about 2 inches too big. Weird!

Admittedly, I can have my focus pulled while working on a project- the Sewing area is not really mine, I lease it from the animals……

This is the finished product- still wearable, but frustrating.  How does one cut out 4 sleeve pieces and have one mystically grow overnight? It is bizarre. I did feel good about my problem solving abilities- I took it apart, recut and only lost about 45 minutes. But I’m not done whining- would you imagine I ever stop? Surely not.

 Why, Anne- why is this side not graced with the tiny bow? What are you hiding??? I’m hiding the grossly darned area that I cut a tiny hole into while trimming. Yes, after all that recovery, I cut a whole in it. Oh, the sartorial Gods were giggling all afternoon. Finished product was still very cute- I’ll try this again in an isolation booth sometime soon. The fabric was a freeby bundle from Fabricmart- so I win, really and Mr B thinks it’s cute. Altho- this symmetrical dork mind can’t handle the single bow. Get over it! I ran out of ribbon after I trimmed the sleeves- the bow was a last-minute save!

Now I’m not saying that any of this was anyone but myselfs fault, but today, while I cut out a dress, someone will be visiting the yard!

Sorry, Liesl.  

photo credits: Pattern Review, Google Images, Little me, Huzzah

27 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day ala Lisette….

  1. Sometimes that stuff just happens. I don’t know how, but it does. Looks like just an itty bitty hole though, not like catching the side of the blouse in the serger….I’ve done that. Well, what a lovely scarf too and I like the feather. That is a feather isn’t it?

    Pets to all and enjoy that fun blouse, but more ribbon if you must. Is it a new one. I don’t remember seeing it in the Lisette line


    • It is a new one- I’ve only seen 2 reviews on Pattern Review- both of them blissfully eventless! The groomer likes to put bandanas and feathers on the dogs- tehy look like they just formed an Adam Ant tribute band….


  2. mrsmole says:

    As soon as you cut sleeves, you enter into the Twilight Zone or world of bias. Things can stretch when you aren’t looking and being a soft woven plaid no wonder this happened. You hate to think you have to stay stitch that area but it might help if you do this blouse again. My British husband is very symmetrical thinking which I am not and it is a real source of humor around here when he asks “Are you going to make the other side match?”


    • As always- your advise is on the money. I like this shape so much, I have to have another one and stay stitching will be the rule of the day. Your husband sounds very familiar!


  3. Isn’t that the way it goes? I recently cut a hole trying to rip out a buttonhole that my sewing machine (of course it wasn’t moi!) dorked up. Man was I lived. Somehow I managed to salvage it though and the hole is not visible thank goodness.

    I love this fabric. I’ve never received one of their bundles before but I may have to start 😉


    • But don’t you feel like the giant neon sign is pointing at your recovery attempts? I’m sure the general populace just thinks I have a tiny bow fixation- not a decoration landfill cover!


  4. I would blame Mr. Darcy! That man could drive any woman to distraction =) And I promise the general population isn’t going to notice! I’ve made some real messes in my time and I wore them to work anyway. I was a high school English teacher and if those kids didn’t say anything you knew it was wearable. I’d say 90% of the time it passed inspection. They mentioned one time that it looked like I forgot to brush my hair before work. Love teenagers!


  5. Well, you have pulled this one out of the fire…it looks adorable, and I envy you the warmth to wear such light fabric. Still snowing here….sigh….


  6. That is so something that I would do, and I believe I have. You go ahead and whine as long as you want to, you deserve it. There there (pat on the back). It will be all right. I do like it though.

    I too, am jealous that you get to experience wearing cotton while there is still snow on the ground here (snowed last night).


  7. Ah Lisette strikes again! I haven’t tried this one yet, but your pale blue plaid looks lovely. I tend to also poke holes in my garments but its usually by my own flub of trimming loose threads and woopsies.. too clse to the fabric! Oh well, as long as you are the only one who knows its there who cares, right? Though the little things always drive me crazy..


  8. Oh you do bring joy to my day! Full marks for going back to rectify! When you have that inclination you are definitely on a roll to being a committed and passionate sewist! Can we see it on you please?! I love the ‘who… me?’ look by the Adam Ant fan at the end! As if ‘butter wouldn’t melt’!


  9. Oh I soooo love reading your blog – love your sense of humour and the perfect accompanying photos!

    I completely sympathise – while sleeves don’t usually grow or shrink on me, lengths usually do. Very irritating, but you HAVE saved it (phew). I am really sure no one will notice the little bow on 1 side only. Illustrative example: I made a wool dress more than a year ago and noticed a moth hole in centre front of skirt after it was made. I wear it to work – but am still waiting for anyone (incl partner who likes to say “so you’re not going to work today?” as a clothing comment) to notice.


  10. Oh, do I have cutting hole stories that would straighten curled hair! The worst one was a gown of shot poly chiffon that my lovely eldest daughter snipped CF at the crotch level – just the teeniest little snip – but it could not be darned! I hunted high and low for a fabric match and ended up replacing the entire skirt except for the CB panel with a fabric that truly did not match in sunlight. BTW, I really like the bows – would never have thought they weren’t put there intentionally!


  11. Oh, my beloved JJ, a triumph of asymmetrical plaid matching, has a tiny little darn that I’ve convinced myself goes unnoticed. And you know what? I’m pretty sure it does. Design feature, Anne. Design feature.


  12. Have you seen my post of my latest bodice for my 1850’s dress? They are symetrical in every way…they are also about 4 inches to long! I’m afraid to “fix” them and have something even worse go wrong. And I was thinking they were the easiest sleeves I have put together! Sigh. Why do we have to have arms….


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