Wearable Wednesday Fall 2012 Willow

Yay! Well, no, not you, Willow- THIS Willow- the angry Willow:

I love the jacket above- This next one: maybe not so much.. what is this model so annoyed by?

I’ve I’d gotten to design my own school uniform….

This border print made me think her prayer shawl had slipped when I saw the thumbnail- got to get some cute reading glasses….

 It’s refreshing to see a designer inspired by butterlies and cocoons** this season and not just Downton Abbey….

 ‘Not so! I’ve been wearing those boots for 2 seasons now! ”

photo credits: Style.com, PBS

**Cocoon is another Ron Howard film- whats up with this post and the 7 degrees of Richie Cunningham?

14 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Fall 2012 Willow

  1. I want my very own school uniform, too! I love that you brought that to the forefront of my mind. Something with an exposed zipper like ‘dat ‘dere.

    You totally brought back mad memories with that Willow photo. Even IMDb’d it to remember what time in my life that was…ah, 1988. “A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen.” Reluctant dwarf? Special baby? God I hope I don’t regret the re-watching I’m about to do.


  2. The expression on the models face suggests to me that the photographer had Mexican food for lunch and he didn’t take his Beano. She could also be a Romulan or a Vulcan who is trying to look human, you know how they always look snarky. Maybe she ate one too many lettuce leaves for lunch and feels bloated now.


  3. I like the school uniform look (4th picture down). Otherwise, completely distracted by the model’s scowl. I do wish I could carry off her hair, though. Edgy black short hair on her = punk. Short hair on me = my maiden aunt. I don’t think even black dye would help.


  4. Yep the boots are fanTAStic, and I would wear them up the gravelly path to school every day cos they are fanTAStic…. I really like the dresses actually and the pants in the first pic, though no one alive can wear them other than the model because you have to have legs that go on forever.


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