Wearable Wednesday Rick Owens

Rick Owens is fighting the battle against models with hypothermia. But save the thanks until after you’ve seen his alternatives.

 ‘No, no, Bobby- don’t bother the nanny, Mommy will gladly leave the lab and drive you to soccer practice…’

‘Why no, I hadn’t noticed the pollen…’

‘If you could just describe the mugger…’

‘ No, I’ve never been described as aloof or standoffish, why do you ask? ‘

‘Hmm, Ladie’s Home Journal said plaid realy brightens up a spring wardrobe….’

Why don’t you don a decorative ski-mask and share your thoughts with me…..

photo credits: style. com

26 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Rick Owens

  1. mrsmole says:

    Are these really his way of dressing up a burka? Or are they a new cult uniform? Wait…they must be the new US form of free birth control…wear these, forget the pill since no man would desire you anyway.


      • lynnewill says:


        This has me quite a bit more confident about some of my design choices. Although I will give his work room credit for their construction, It couldn’t have been easy to get those volumes of fabrics to hang from such a narrow support while maintaining his vision….right


  2. Just think of all the time and money we could save if we all adopted this kind of dressing. No more shampoo or hair care products or hairdressers. All we would require is a electric razor for our heads. No more make up except for lipstick. As someone else mentioned, no more birth control.

    Seriously tho, I kinda like the Werther’s Original colored jacket thing (I may be wrong, it could be part of the dress) on the third model.


    • Hilarious! But I wonder why the ridiculous masks? They don’t add anything to the clothes – in fact, I found it very hard to decide if I liked the clothes or not as I was just too too distracted by the weird masks – and gloves – and restrictive sleeves. Odd.

      Sorry not to have replied to your notification of my pattern win and to your follow up email. This makes me feel really dim, but for the life of me I haven’t been able to work out your return email address either from the emails or from this site. Could you please (pretty please) email me again and tell me in a really obvious way where to reply to? Thank you!


  3. I understand and see the Freddie Kruger influence but I’m veering more towards Hannibal Lecter meets Mad Max with a touch of Amish to keep it all moral and highbrow


  4. I can see the nod to fetish influences, as well as the references to the blue collar aesthetic — “Mommy in the lab” is not far wrong, these outfits are designed in part to look like work coveralls.

    I think this is fashion for thinking about, not fashion for wearing. I’m pretty sure nobody wears extreme Rick Owens, except possibly the Swinton who seems to view these types of designers as a personal challenge.


  5. I think there are some wearable classic Rick Owens looks struggling to get out there. The grey jacket on the lab lady and the black coat on the picture above would be fine if divorced from the strange headgear and makeup.


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