A somber Note from the 4-Legged Editors of Pretty Grievances

This last week was a little hard at Camp Grievances, we lost our oldest and dearest feline- Mr Dashiell. He was 17 years old and a truly dear old soul.  I don’t have many pictures of Dash’ he had been in semi-retirement for quite some time. We weren’t going to mention it here, but another loss has happened recently to someone who we feel very strongly about.

The lovely Eva is pictured above with her human, Dita. Eva lived an appropriate lifestyle for Dachsies or stripey orange cats- jetsetting, expensive meals, lots of retro bedding and fancy rides in convertibles. I’m sure she had an enviable collar and headscarf collection.

Dita, my girls offer to share a toy with you and my husband says he is available to comfort you, if you need it. I told him that you were doing fine and a simple black-edged note of condolence would be sufficient.

photo credits: little me, Dachshund blogspot

24 thoughts on “A somber Note from the 4-Legged Editors of Pretty Grievances

  1. Oh, I am so sorry.You were lucky to have Mr. Dashiell for 17 long years. My four four-legged ones add their condolences as well, even Barney who thinks cats are only for chasing. Losing pets totally sucks. A friend of mine once told me that is why she had children, because they lasted longer. Take care of yourself.


  2. oh my heart goes out to you – Some people won`t understand but your dogs are part of your family and you love them the same. I bet he had the best life of any dog though and he really appreciated it.


  3. I’m so sorry about your kitty, they truly are family. I’d be devastated if I lost my kitty ( or my dog). Hang in there, you gave him a wonderful long life.


  4. my computer was not working properly and did not download the photos – I thought Dashie was your daschhund . Apologies for confusing your feline for a canine – probably for cats this is an insult.


  5. Oh, thank you all for letting me indulge in a little suffering, Mr D had a lovely life and he did not suffer- we should all have such luck, again, thank you for all the commiseration- it helps!


  6. So sorry for you. I lost my clever and special furry friend Pepper on the 2nd April.(Border Collie Cross) I find it strange not to be herded into doing my regular tasks and all the routines we went through. no one to come stare at me til I realise it is 5:30pm and I ought to be making dinner. No one to listen when I ask where I have put the latest lost bit of instructions or sewing tools. But in the end, she hurt too much to care so much anyway.
    Glad you have some other little friends to comfort you.
    Sandy in the UK


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