Simplicity 1877 Leanne Marshall Project Runway Paleontologist!

Leanne Marshall’s new Simplicity line (only 2 patterns-sigh…) is very much to my liking. You know I picture myself as a swishy, delicate flower, these dresses really speak to that.

I made the less ruffly view- these hips weren’t made for rufflin’ you know? Have I mentioned that posing for pictures is acutely painful?


As another blogger mentioned- the waist pleat detail was explained a little strangely, but I think I ended up with a reasonable replica. As usual I gathered the waist to best suit my softly rounded areas- putting most of the gathers off the stomache- Lord knows, I’m already fairly gathered there already…..

The only other hurdle was the intricate flipping, tacking and general molesting of the shoulder ruffles. I pictured Ms Marshall having a lengthy convo with Mr Kors over them:

 ‘hmm- who exactly do you picture as your client? I know who I see….’

Seriously, in my mind- I see them as Stegasaurus epaulets…but to me, thats not a bad thing. Bring on the ice age!

My only real issue is that it’s not tremendously practical. I raised the neckline about 2 inches and still, it’s the perfect dress to wear to your own autopsy. Keeping the bunnies in the hutch will be an issue. I’ll practice my ‘bunny dip’ and try not to scare the village children. Seriously- most of the outtakes from this front yard adventure involved breastal glare and possibly neighbor glare, too.  I think this last pic is viciously domestic, don’t you think?

Oh, and to Kat: My first use of the Mystery Make notions is featured on the hem of this frock…dig those chubby knees!

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images

58 thoughts on “Simplicity 1877 Leanne Marshall Project Runway Paleontologist!

  1. Just lovely…the color is great on you. What really impresses me are the ruffles…as for the neckline, it fits the dress and those bunnies are most definitely worth a peak or two!!!!


  2. Congratulations on the dress – it’s really cute! I’ve been trying to justify why I need to make this dress…… I can hardly believe it is painful for you to pose for pictures. They are all so creatively staged! Great post. 🙂


    • My husband loves taking landscape pics ,but when it comes to a moving-and over sensitive target- he is a little unhappy. Most of these poses were followed by a frown and a ‘you’re doing that thing with your head again..’ I doubt Cecil Beaton spoke to anyone this way!


  3. First thought, before I read, wow that is some serious boobage showing, and then to read that you raised the neckline 2 inches. Who wears a neckline that low besides slutty drug addicted alcoholic starlets, and they wouldn’t/couldn’t be sober long enough to turn on a sewing machine. So who is their target market? Interesting.

    At least your husband is familiar with the use of a camera, back in the dark ages when we used film, every time my husband touched our camera, he would say “what is this button for” as he pressed it and rewound the film, which usually had 1 exposure on it, as I screamed NOOOOOO. He is not allowed to touch my DSLR. Ever. Not even to move it.

    You do look like a delicate dainty flower in the dress. Lovely for all those garden tea parties that we all go to so often.


    • Now I need to make this dress (with original neckline) just to provoke ElleC ;)… and then wear it to parent-teacher conference.


      Prtty, I am totally impressed. This is one of those patterns where I’m like “Cute concept—who the hell will ever pull that off?” and you pulled it off. You get a major win. 🙂

      And I agree with the others, you definitely have bunnies worth displaying.


  4. Gorgeous! Although I did raise my eyebrows at the neckline. You raised it 2″? Whoa. I don’t have cleavage to speak of, and I still think that dress would be indecent on me.

    However, the neckline adjustment takes it from indecent to sexy on you and the ruffles, pleats, etc. look adorable to me. The color is great on your complexion as well. Stunning dress!


  5. Looks great! I think the stegosaurus epaulets look way better in real life than on the pattern model. I want to get this one, I’ll make sure to check the deepness of that V before cutting out though!


  6. I really like it! It’s perfect for date night. If you are concerned about too much boobage on display, you could put some coordinating knit lace across there to help cover some of it up while still adding to the pretty, feminine feel of the dress. 🙂


  7. mrsmole says:

    Definately a date dress….men love to gaze during dinner and it is a sure thing he will not be watching any of the waitresses! Like Elle C it makes me wonder who they think would wear this cut so low??? You did a great job raising the neckline and adjusting the gathers! Your modeling talents and photo readiness is amazing!


  8. Marsha G. Heinzmann says:

    I LOVE your dress! You have inspired me to consider making this for myself. I know I will want to raise the neckline significantly, OR perhaps make a vertically-pleated insert to fill it in a bit!


  9. It’s wonderful! I am so LMAO about your bunny hutch! I tell ya, even if I keep mine properly caged and covered up to the chin, they still get unwelcome looks. I know how painful photo ops are, but these are great. I love your roses!


  10. Michael Kors can stuff it, I’ve never seen lovelier stegosaur epaulets! Your dress is beautiful, and so are your bucolic pictures – and what perfect fabric for this pattern! I love love the color!


  11. Ah. When I opened your post, my eye was drawn to the gorgeous blue dress with the deep v-neck. I just think it is so pretty. Feminine. oooo. What I would do, being a bit spoiled and having a choice. Your dress is so lovely.


  12. I really, really love this dress on you. That fabric is to die for. I loved Leanne on PR and was excited to see some patterns from her but wasn’t over the moon for the hip ruffles. I think the version you chose with the shoulder party is way more flattering and awesome. ‘Bunnies in the hutch”!! That is getting some play from me next time I’m feeling cleavagey.


  13. Laughed my head off with the bunnies in the hutch comment. Speaking as a woman blessed with serious bunnies myself I know your pain. I pictured wearing that dress myself to dinner. No one is looking at the waitress because the bunnies fell into the soup. A pretty camie is the way to go if you plan on wearing it while visiting the local pastor or heart patient.


  14. You look fantastic in this! (No eyebrow-raising at the cleavage for me, but then I spent my formative years at goth bars.) Now I need me some stegasaurus epaulets.
    Speaking of erm, extinct reptiles, I hope you haven’t forgotten about Darwinian December..


      • I have a few yards of that blue silk the cover example is made with that I’ve been “saving”. I really want to try this pattern, though I’ll have to lengthen the skirt some since the finished measurement puts it 7″ above my knees which seems a wee bit short. I’d like to try this with a full length skirt and the plunging neckline as an evening dress – for all the fancy dress events that I never go to.


  15. You look fantastic! Totally smashing! Your neighbors are just waiting for the photographer to leave so that can think up a pantry item to borrow. Don’t you hate it when a critical design detail is masked by print on the pattern envelope?


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