Wearable Wednesday Altuzarra

Summer is coming where I am but I’m not quite ready to succumb to summer in the south. Too-thin tank tops, daisy Dukes, shower shoes to church…I apologize to anyone out there that lives in a more Dixie Carter-centric south…. I also ask for directions to your house. So that being said, lets appreciate some layering and gorgeous pieces from Altuzarra while I can look at them without melting:

Your thoughts on layering, sherpa-duds and goat fur money belts? I’d love to see most of these pieces alone- they look like they could be very cool pop additions to my goatskin devoid dailywear.

photo credits: style.com

24 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Altuzarra

  1. No goatskin here either – though I agree some of these pieces are appealing. Particularly here in the UK where I am just about to go turn the central heating back on before I freeze to the chair.


  2. Being that it was 80+ degrees here yesterday…hard to invision wearing anything but lightweight cotton; but I do love the green velour jacket and the great black/dark grey dress.


  3. lynnewill says:

    I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to you for providing this feature every Wednesday. It’s made Wednesday’s my favorite blogging day….honestly. You introduce me to new designers always fun…and make me giggle, sigh and gasp over your ingenuity and theirs.

    keep it up, maybe one day I can return the favor


  4. The dress (sans goatskin) screams Duchess of Cambridge to me, of course with slits sewn up a little and without hooker boots.

    I agree, some of the clothes might actually be wearable, and because, I assume that is the point, why do they cover them up with crap so we can’t see the actual garments? Not that I could afford anything anyway, or that they come in sizes larger than -000.


  5. mrsmole says:

    It makes me wonder what Michael Kors would make of these various looks. He is always saying he hesitates to use the “C” word. Are they “cohesive”, are they a “collection” or are they bits and pieces stolen from a Mongolian yurt and layered unto otherwise normal clothes too be “commercial”? Love the black and white jacket!


  6. That black deep V dress is, as the kids say, tiiiiiight. And there is no summer dread for me – I’ve been wearing effing parkas for 6 months. BRING ON DA DUKES (not really. More like BRING ON DA TASTEFULLY CUT SUMMER DRESSES).


  7. I kind of like the dress with the slit down to the belly button and ultra high side slit, though I wish the shoulders were less poufy. I’d have to wear a bra with it though, so I think some of the effect would be ruined.

    I also like the blue suit at the bottom, the skirt has an interesting design, and the jacket isn’t bad either.


  8. I like some of the pieces here — the green velveteen blazer, the black embroidered dress and the skirt on the blue suit in the last pic. However, I’m saying no to the goatskin belts. Not so much that I object to the IDEA of goatskin belts, it’s more that these look like you tied the entire animal around your middle and they obscure everything else about the clothes.


  9. I’m with you on wanting to see the individual pieces, it’s hard to tell where the top/belt/skirt start and end in some of the outfits. I like the green jacket in the second picture, but it seems the belt or something is making it lump on her left side (right side of the picture).


  10. Well, I echo lynnewill. I must say when I saw your new post in my email – and it was a Wearable Wednesday post – my reaction was YAY!!! I personally love the black/white coat. I was calculating that we wear cooler/winter weather clothing about 7 months of the year where I live, so coats are a nice thing to have in abundance. It saves one getting bored of the weather when you’ve got a great closet chock full of coats. And I did like that black dress. Might as well rock what you have!


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