Main Street madness!

I know it’s April, I know, but Disney takes planning, so my spoiled heart has already started thinking October Disney trip. Ok, actually in my head it’s more: OCTOBERDISNEYTRIP!!! Well, if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, right? So thoughts are turning to prospective Halloween costumes for the spousal and myself. I’m thinking Jane and Michael Banks:

He thinks no one will recognize us. So lets keep that in mind as we review some other popular children’s characters we saw last year. How about Peter Pan and Captain Hooker?

This one is notable for being willing to wear a costume, but unwilling to give up their favorite flipflops. Life is about compromise, right?

Some Disney fans feel that Hercules should be better represented in the parks:

Muffin-top Mummy perhaps?

This is one of our favs from this recent year- extra points to Mom for taking one for the team…. sideburns-wise:

Now in ther interest of fairness- we present one more haunting image- Mr B and I, circa 2006- pre-party dinner at O’Hana……oh, God my hair- I could have dressed as a spaniel?!

photo credits: meadhawg, google images

23 thoughts on “Main Street madness!

  1. My vote is for Cruella DeVille and Pongo. I can so see you with that striped hair and fur coat. We’re going in October, too, although not on Halloween like we did last year.


  2. It’s never too early to start costume planning! I think you should definitely be Jane and Michael Banks! I *am* partial to the movie though, so I might be biased. 🙂


  3. lynnewill says:

    oh my….I had such fond memories of Disneyland, and now I am afraid I might need therapy, or a memory wipe – lol Today while I am putting the finishing touches on a batman cape I will ponder the possibilities for you and yours… about park guests from the early 60’s….i can send reference for you – lol


  4. You looked so good in the vintage dress for Pink Martini – go for a 1950/60 theme. You in a breathtaking, sexy, cleavage revealing frock and him in a boiler suit. I’ve never been to Disneyland and quite frankly those pics have confirmed my worst fears about ‘Americans’.


  5. We have friends who hit Disney every year for Halloween. They do theme costumes and everything, although not so much now as their kids are getting a bit too old. I do love the woman in the sidekick costume with Captain Hook — now that’s dedication!

    I would just say, find something you won’t boil over in and as for modesty, stick leggings under it! Maybe you could do something from The Rescuers? I loved that movie as a kid and it’s underrepresented in the Disney merchandise.


  6. jadesabre9 says:

    I like the Mary Poppins & Bert suggestion. You still thinking about some sort of Steampunk twist? This could be fun with those two.


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