When Dashing Met Darling…..Mccalls 6286

This is Darling….as in ‘My Darling  Clementine’ my new sewing machine that I can’t stop stroking….then wiping off the fingerprints….then stroking some more…….

This is Dashing…..as in Dashingmarmot or rather, this is what Javie sent me for the One Cool Thing/One strange thing Swap.

I have to say. Javie the Dashing failed miserably. She has no strange things…….IT WAS ALL SO FRAKING COOL!!!!!!!!  Seriously! I got a pattern magazine and this fabulous greeny gold quilting fabric and  A Thai silk and a huge amount of knit material that is perfect for my work scrubs! Spoiled me was in spoiled me heaven.I had to pause between items to fan myself.  I laid it all out around me and coo’ed ‘You are all my children’. As usual my husband ignored this and continued saving the princess in the computer room. He’s good that way.

So what was first? I took a break from my stroking and cooing regimine to decide on this: Mccalls 6286, the short-sleeved version. I really wish the pants were included in this pattern.

This is also my maiden voyage into the choppy  waters of button-hole making with my new baby. She did beautifully! Now if I can just get the marking pen off of it, we’ll be all set.

At this moment you may give way to shoe jealousy. It’s ok, I’ll wait.


Pattern review seriousness:This was easy-sneezy. Great pattern to work with- I think I need more. This documents me officially swearing off fusible interfacing- much ungainly bunching.   I chose some lavendar butterfly buttons to conflict with its slight military edge and because I’m just a pre-geriatric toddler at heart. I will definitely do this pattern again- I like the wide neckline and the sweep of it. My clothing test tends to be ‘Hmm- can I see myself in Disney in this?’  yes, yes I can.

Ms Marmot- I thank you from the depths of my ever-so-shallow heart! Baby you’ve got cool stuff!

*final thought- I tested the theory that posing with larger objects would make the subject look petite and frail by comparison…hence the WW2 tank….what ‘cha think? Should I try a u-boat next time? Perhaps the Chrysler Building? Greenland?

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images

47 thoughts on “When Dashing Met Darling…..Mccalls 6286

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that looks like all good stuff to me too.

    I love the top. I’m not sure that I would have tried a pattern with pockets at the bust but it really works well. I love the collar, it’s probably the open feel of the collar that makes the little pockets work well.


  2. Chris says:

    I absolutely adore your pictures! You are always posing with this “check me out, losers!” look on your face and I LOVE IT! Great job on the shirt!


  3. I am confused. I find a new post from Pretty Grievances, and it looks sort of like Anne, sounds like Anne, but whoever hijacked the blog messed up and sewed with fabric that wasn’t a print. No no. It can’t be. Has the earth shifted on its axis? Did the wrong Anne get beamed to the wrong dimension? What is going on I ask you? What?


  4. Not sure which I like/love more, the machine or the blouse…both so cool. OK, the pants, take a look at McCaLLS m6291, I just made these, so comfy and different. Coco


  5. Just really impressed with the neckline and the pockets…love all the buttons. As always your posts are great fun, and your sewing skills continue to amaze me!! Of course, the photos are super…very cool backdrops!!


  6. I have emailed your blog to some of my sewing friends. I adore your sense of humor! BTW, your blouse is now a must for me. I think that is the only reason I go to fabric stores is for new patterns. My stash is already overwhelming.


  7. “You are all my children….” ROFLMAO!!! Oh, I love the blouse so so much! Did you use sew-in interfacing? I have been on the fence about trying it for some time now. I rarely have problems with the iron-on stuff, but my standards are probably a bit low.

    I did not get shoe jealousy (flats are no good for my feet) but I have posing and tank jealousy in abundance! Also, you are very lucky that your new machine does not have a keyhole buttonhole because I would have stolen it by now. Very, very cool.


  8. What a sexy beast that new sewing machine is! Wow, the Elna my dad brought home for me that one of his tenants left behind, um 25 years ago, that I nearly threw through the window the other day, when attempting to make button holes the , which is all it’s good for, is not looking so hot to me now. Thanks for enlightening me.


    • My usual tried and true gal (Lily) lost her buitton-hole foot) and I can’t seem to get ahold of a replacement- I was so pleased at how well Clementine took the project!


  9. How cool is that machine and I love that you wipe the finger prints off! Very cute…..

    Blouse is cute too – great colour and I’m loving that you snuck the fabric print in there without us really being sure…..Good tank BTW, though I’m wondering what you could have ‘straddled’ cos its so, um, building-ish. :o)


  10. That’s a great looking machine – it’s funny how so many people are going back to the oldies instead of computerised electronic ones. Good shirt too, I like the sleeves (or lack of).


  11. Kat H says:

    Fabulous top – like everyone else, I love the collar! I also love how that colour sets off your hair colour so wonderfully. A total win all around, I’d say. 🙂


  12. lynnewill says:

    Very cute top….passing it onto a student of mine as she will love this style.
    A word about fusible interfacing, pre-washing it will help with the bunching issue, just dip it in some warm water and line dry when you bring it home from the fabric store. Alternatively I use a lot of soft-knit or knit-ease interfacing. It is a fusible knit(tricot) which works well on wovens and knits as it add’s support and doesn’t bubble or bunch after washing.

    I am looking forward to the Bank’s children Disney picknic by the way, and now need to know if you have a favorite Disney character?


  13. You’ve made such a nice blouse with the fabric from Javie. I wonder which one is a strange thing for her. It’s funny because a strange thing for someone is actually a cool thing for another.

    And your sewing machine is super-duper!! I love it!


    • Jeyco- It was actually the pink fabric with the embroidery. It is beautiful but I was at a loss as to what to do with it. I think that the color is more complementary for Anne than me. You are right- what may be a strange thing for someone can be a cool thing for someone else!


  14. I’m so glad to see someone else make this! This was my Pretty Things blouse, and I totes love the pattern. So simple, right?! Only, didn’t you find the fact raglan sleeve insertion a wee bit awkward? Maybe it’s me, but I remember not liking something about it, maybe that I couldn’t serge, or the manner of hemming the sleeves?

    Love the location! It reminds me of Russia, where it’s this thing to pose with all the tanks and statues and tombs of uknown soldiers. Even for your wedding shots… so hilarious!


    • I can see the underside of the facing on the sleeves- if felt wrong. I must attend a Russian wedding- ‘Get Grandma closer to the barrel, we can’t see her so well…’


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