Time 100… 99 people and 1 mythical Beast

I was a little disappointed with the Time 100. I felt it was a little too…..oh, whats the word….unshallow. How am I supposed to read a whole list of people who save the planet but dress so blandly? UGH. Right before I nodded off I did see this:

Oh, wait ,sorry, that was after I nodded off. This is what I saw that thrilled me- the Swinton! I knew she was active- I felt my Swinton-senses timgling and she has a new movie coming out. Check out our Tilda in her way-cool formal space onsie! Anyone for Galactic Toddies?

Surely that isn’t a nametag- who doesn’t know the Swintonian?????

photo credits: google images

19 thoughts on “Time 100… 99 people and 1 mythical Beast

  1. mrsmole says:

    Makes me wonder what this is made out of and what happens after she has sat in it for hours…are there any wrinkles? Perfect tailoring on the pants length! It is so overwhelming that you really don’t pay much attention to her face.


  2. Although I don’t like Tilda’s choices sometimes, I really do admire her for staying true to her own style and not having to look like everyone else. She’s like the weird kid that’s not part of the “popular” group, but whom everyone wishes they had the guts to be like!


  3. I LOVE the Swinton. LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVE. Totally singular human being who is just doing her thing with her husband and boyfriend all living peacefully in her Scottish castle, having Viktor & Rolf design collections around her, wearing that crazy chic, minimal art on the runway, burning through your soul with her “I am a higher life from eyes”. Sigh. Worship. Have you seen “We Need to Talk about Kevin”?! WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT TILDA BEING ROBBED OF AN OSCAR.


    • The academy is scared of her. As they should be. It’s very rare a person that doesn’t kowtow to the Hollywood party scene gets awarded, I think. I hereby induct thee into the church of “Our Lady of Perpetual Swinton!”


      • I think you need that as an icon on your sidebar 😉
        The Celine jumpsuit reminds me of the McQueen/Givenchy one (V2343)– but maybe I just have patterns on the brain. Thanks for keeping us up to date on our Swinton coverage!


  4. I always get annoyed at the Time lists because they invariably pick people I think we should disregard. As in, yes this person is influential but so are toddlers and we ignore them when they behave like that. Although I suppose pointing out bad influences has its uses as well.

    LOVE the Swinton. Every interview I’ve read with her is amazing. I want her life — the Scottish castle, the disregard for “sexy”, the cheekbones….


  5. Be still my beating heart – a Swinton sighting! Tilda looks radiant no matter what she wears. I love her avant garde sense of style, and her independent spirit. Yes, I’m quite smitten with her!


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