Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Sorry, that’s probably way too provocative a title for the nocturnal antics of the Grievous household.

Surely you must know that Karen of Did you make that? is hosting a Pyjama Party and we were all invited! Now little me is really more of a gown gal so I used a colorful, floaty gauze to whip up a little number. It’s Simplicity 9505, a simple peasant style top with a gathered neck and sleeves.

Karen, I thank you- this was a great idea and I love my new nightie!  We were also required to pull back the veil on our bed chambers and reveal whats on the bedside table of the participants.

I’d like you to think that I am all about some deep, socially relevant reading, so I’ve lied of course.

Here’s the real story:

Yes, multiple dachshunds and trashy smut! God bless it!  The book is a lovely Austen-homage I found, reputed to be the ‘lost sex scenes’ that Jane’s editor made her remove. They were found in a flowerbox of a Lake District home on a Jane Austen tour and lovingly published for future generations. The cover features Mr Collins about to get a caning. Of course, I don’t let the pups read it! These photos are staged of course, normally I don’t get this much of the bed. Scientific fact- late at night dachshunds inflate to 4 times their original size. The cats don’t stand a chance, nor the husband for that matter. But, luckily with such short legs you can roll them like logs.  But if you should go to the bathroom, you can assume you will not get your spot back- much less your pillow and blanket!

Katze Lu endures my reading- surely it must be time to turn off the light?!

** Now please everyone, I’m asking you kindly- please do not repost these hot, hot pin-ups for any online dating profiles you may be contemplating!**

photo credits: meadhawg, little me

Happy Pyjama Party everyone!

57 thoughts on “Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

  1. I love your staging! Great photos…And I am envious of having so many panting long haired furry lovelies to keep you warm at night! And your descriptions of your reading matter are quite compelling!! Anyway, back to business, that nightie too looks cute & bright- great choice of fabric for you. Happy PJ Party!


  2. Enjoyed reading your post so much and love the polka dot hearts on your fabric! And the best accessory for bedtime is your head scarf bow – I have to try that one day!


  3. lynnewill says:

    Thanks for making me feel like part of the party. Your bedroom has such soothing and inviting colors in it, and your nightie is sew cute! Gotta love that last picture!!
    I told my husband the other night that I wanted another dog….he ran into town and brought me back a small resin sculpt of a pug…….yeah…..still simmering – lol


  4. Hahaha, you are so much braver then I am, I don’t show all the romances I read to the world. And your pajamas are too excellent for worlds. Fun fact, cats actually expand to up to 7 times their size in the night. I have living proof, so I feel your pain.


  5. You look so adorable…love the nightie and the bow is so “right”. The photos are great; actually they have a “kafkaesque” quality to them….surreal distortion of reality!!! Love it.


  6. I actually believed the first photo of your reading material. Should have known better.You are far too much fun to read that stuff for enjoyment. Are you an Austenite too? You know, we may have been separated at birth. Love the nightie,

    Consider yourself hit with a pillow.


  7. LOL!!! Oh don’t I know about those bed tacks. How is a 10 pound dog can command so much space? And to think all those learned men waste their time on time/space issues looking at the sky, when all they need do is look at dog/bed conundrum. Great nightie, it looks compliments the dachsies (and you) quite well.


  8. Great staging! And great reading material. By the time I’m ready to hit the hay, I do NOT want staggeringly profound reading boring me to sleep. Love the nightie! My poor dog sleeps with my eldest daughter, thank God, otherwise I’d not get a wink of sleep due to his snoring.


  9. You have such a way with your writing. I never know what to expect other than that I’ll be laughing by the end of it. Bravo. Great pajamas, and glad to have you joining in the party.


  10. I love your photos. Your nightie is lovely.
    I thought it was very kind of Karen to ask about the bed side table – where I keep all the books I feel that I should be reading. I admitted thought, that actually I was reading silly detective stories instead…..


  11. Kat H says:

    Love it! And check out that doggy-yawn at the end – classic. 🙂

    I want to go find a copy of that book now, it sounds rather amusing, haha!


  12. Beautiful nightie! I am a recent convert to the nightie myself — my legs like to move unencumbered under the blankets.

    I need to find that book. It sounds…..intriguing!


  13. Fab nightie! And you might not be reading those books… but they were in your house! 😉 What an amazing headboard your bed has – great backdrop for an Austen bonkbuster!


  14. Eek! Dachshie glamour shots! They really are the worst in bed– our old dachshund was all about turning sideways and sleeping horizontally so as to take up as much space as possible. Then when you would try to move him over, he’d growl and snarl like a cornered badger! What a jerk. Ye Olde Pug is all about snoring like a chainsaw all night long. Sigh… no rest for the weary…

    Love your gown! It’s so fun!


  15. I love that you’re gently holding the pooch whilst enthralled in high class smut. Seriously, the second you patter off to the bathroom, the entire bed is swallowed up by dog. I can’t believe the sprawl Mushka makes. Cute jammies, too, of course 🙂


  16. Oh my GOSH! You followed me so I came to check your blog out and clicked ‘follow’ faster than lightening because….YOU HAVE DACSHUNDS!!! I am renting, pet-less, and am desperate for a miniature. I have to wait at least another year and am probably going to sob hysterically when I finally get one. Your babies are gorgeous 🙂 I discovered after the fact that your sewing is also lovely! 🙂


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