Weekend Catch ups & More Cool Things/Strange Things

The Fair is in town this week. Excuse me, ‘the fahrrr’ is in town. So my usual photographer keep slinking off to take time-capture, slow contrast,hoo-ha shutter speed, something, something fancy arty pictures instead of actually honoring the rare event when I get out of my UPS brown  scrubs in the evening to show off my projects. His lack of support is being noted in my little book. He will rue the day, much rueage. Much rueage.

    But I am here! I’m even dressed. I was pretty excited to haul out the off season totes and find things I’d made last summer and wasn’t horrified by. I think I am indeed a summer sewist- with the exception of print corduroy- I loves that.

The Coolness goes on!

Check out the totally undeserved, but much appreciated haul I got from TJ!

Man-made fossil buttons! Metallic knit material! Oh! Oh!

Vintage border print! I also got a Burdaplus magazine that I’ve been carrying around and marking with a million post-its! Thankls TJ!!

Ok, off to the big fabric sale in Williamston! But as a final thought, I bring you Clemmons,   the semi-outdoor cat

A random sage thought for the day from my cats namesake, Mark Twain:  A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.
photo credits: meadhawg

20 thoughts on “Weekend Catch ups & More Cool Things/Strange Things

  1. deanna says:

    Clemmy is thinking deep, deep thoughts out there. Just five more minutes and he will have reached enlightenment!


  2. Ha ha! I love Twain! Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with that border print. It’s seriously conversation material! I’ve been coveting whimsical prints like that for a while now.


  3. Yay, it reached finallment! I read your last email last night in bed before passing out and I’ve only gotten back to ‘fun stuff’ now and you’ve already got a post on it! I was giggling about what you might make with the border print. I was thinking a tutu for one of the pupply dugs but I’m not sure you’re one of ‘those’ ladies (that embarrass their loved ones by putting them in ruffled ‘costumes’.. XD If you are, I salute you and thank you for the entertainment). Which patterns did you pick in the Burda? There’s an off shouldered pleated dress in there that they had in one of the ye olde issues I had and I made it last month. It looks fab but beware it doesn’t sit on the shoulders like it does with the model. But it looks fab anyway and the neckline won’t attack you like your latest..


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