Wearable Wednesday- Prada after the Met Ball

Ugh. So many text messages from Goopy this week. She has no respect for my quality time at the IHOP with Mr B.  ‘Use Prada, this week, use Prada’, ‘why isn’t my husbands cd in your car?’   ‘can you tell I ate a grape?’. ‘Do you think Stella Mcartney is talking about me?’ Well, ok, Gwynnie- to make you happy on one account:

Prada!!! Ta da!!!

First person to comment on the shoes gets a kewpie doll. They remind me of little dayglo galoshes. I’ll bet that Helena Bonham Carter has a pair.  You will scratch furniture with this collection, but isn’t it worth it?

‘When you get to her eyebrows, turn off the air-brush gun…’

Seriously- the shoes are growing on me.

well, not the white ones- they look like bondage nursewear. Don’t google that- especially during National Nurses Week.

photo credits: style.com, gofugyourself

26 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Prada after the Met Ball

  1. Luv the woman in black hoisting gown up; the Paltrow should be gazing to her right, cover those girls up. Like the orange skirt very very much. Helena definitely would have the shoes. Dark dark eye makeup…zombies/vampires are hot now, no??


  2. SewSavory says:

    Those shoes look like they have grounding devices in their souls… er soles. Those waifs might float away without employing the special powers of said footwear. 😉


  3. Bwa ha ha. You’re the funniest. I am going to NYC next week and omg PRADA SCHIAPARELLI EXHIBIT (sounds of squealing and hands clapping). Surely will do a post… Prada’s my all-time fave I think. So smart. So feminist.


  4. Seriously, Gwennie, get a dress that uncovers your boobs in a more sexy way–they look horrible smooshed out the side of that dress! As for the collection, I couldn’t look at it, because I was too horrified by the Chuckie makeup. I think I’m going to have nightmares about Chuckie and his harem now….


      • mrsmole says:

        When I lived in the UK for 8 years this was my favorite paper, now living back in the US I get it online every day and the photos are more revealing than the US papers can show. Check out all the other articles down the right hand margin for more good gossip!


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