A day without Tilda is a day without enviable bonestructure

Sigh. A whole week without a Swinton sighting. How can this be? It’s just wrong. I know she is probably busy defending the universe from alien threat or having her cheekbones studied in Prague, so here is a look at some previous Swinton Apparitions to keep us going until her next movie comes out. Last years Cannes Film Festival:

The Venice Film Festival- look she has toes!

The Darjeeling Limited Premiere- she looks like a very cool spy:

Now don’t forget, little Swintons! We at Our Lady of Perpetual Swinton are counting on you to report sightings as they occur.

photo credits: zimbio, exposaycom

9 thoughts on “A day without Tilda is a day without enviable bonestructure

  1. My mother has Tilda Swinton’s enviable bone structure and amazing pale coloring. Sadly, I inherited none of this from her. I’m just going to pretend that the Swinton is my long-lost sister and some of her cool might rub off on me. Maybe.


  2. I was watching a documentary the other night on TV and was so engrossed by the narrator’s voice that I couldn’t even tell you what the programme was about now – and in the credits – none other than Swindon herself was the narrator.


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