Project Avoidance, the Dante edition

I’ve taken on a project. I am a fool. I am the Ado Annie of sewing.  Just a girl that can’t say no. Just when I oughta, I cain’t. I agreed to make 3 large (they grow larger every time I think about them) bench cushions for a friends mother-in-law.  I know this isn’t what happened but I swear this is how I remember it:

‘Psst- I’m just going to need some cushions or I’ll condemn your soul to hell.’  Ok, it may sound melodramatic, I swear, that’s just how I remember it.

Sewing for other people is crap. I am just not nice enough to make pretty things for other people, but I’m trapped now. In tropical print upholstery hell of my own making.

‘Thou shalt cut strips of no more than 3 inches on the bias and run cording thru them until the sins of your family are penanced for the last 3 generations. Go forth and upholster until they brow bleeds and you cannot bear to look upon Waverly without weeping.’  I’m actually pleased with how the zipper is looking on this one.

What I forgot about when I agreed was how much I loathe the cutting out part of a project. Especially the cutting out of mile long strips and such for projects like this.  So I’m rationing it out to 2 hours of working on it at a time.  That way it hardly seems like torture at all……

On a positive note (yes, I have those!) Me Made May 2012 is rocking along and I’ve been very good! I even joined the flickr group!

photo credits: little me, google images

30 thoughts on “Project Avoidance, the Dante edition

  1. mrsmole says:

    The same thing has happened to me, first it is just a little window seat cushion for the home, then they need cushions for benches in their business, a dental office….and then I yell “uncle”! I tell them my machine does not like the thick tapestry/foam backed fabric even if I use the industrial machine with a walking foot. I give them the name of someone in town who does this shit regularly where they will learn the true value (in dollars) of my sweat and tears. It is never just making covers, it is also covering foam with cotton too….hate all the hand sewing and snugging up as they do not have zippers like the outer ones. I feel for you, sweetie!


  2. Goodness, I feel your pain there! Seems like the minute you advertise that you know how to sew peeps crawl out of the woodwork asking you to do things like alter their clothes for free and other unsavory tasks. Godspeed!


    • Really, I just need a simple Eiffel tower costume for bitsy to wear Wednesday at school….it will take you no time at all! Oh, how many horrors have begun this way!


  3. I’ve only done a couple of upholstery type projects, and only one was for another person, which I really didn’t mind because all the thinking was done by a designer – all I had to do was stitch! That said, I don’t mind sewing for other people that *I* want to sew for. I have a few friends for which I’m quite happy to sew, and others that I’ll continually put off or price myself right out of they’re pretty i-want-that pocketbook. My DH tells me everyone has their price, and if someone doesn’t like it, they can shop elsewhere. AMEN.


  4. There is nothing worse than “oh you sew! would mind whipping me up 20 tops and matching pants, and no I don’t have a pattern, but you can just trace off the 6 tops I have that I like, but don’t fit me anymore, no I can’t come over so you can fit them on me cause I will be out of town, cause I have a life and I assume you don’t” sewing. I got stuck one too many times, can you tell?

    Repeat after me until it becomes habit, “I suffer from anxiety and when I sew for other people it gets worse and I have to go on medication which has terrible side effects.” Which is a complete lie, but it works. Or I tell them I only sew for people I am married to or gave birth to, and then they say “but you don’t have children”. I then agree with them. This confuses them and they go away.


  5. Oh dear! I’ve thus far avoided selfless sewing apart from some alterations on several pairs of my sister’s scrubs and deconstructing and then reconstructing a RTW dress for a pregnant friend. Oh, wait. I haven’t avoided it have I? At least my friend asked how much she owed me (I declined payment, but figure the first 3hrs are free…). Sister pays by babysitting!


  6. You are so generous!! I would never be so selfless. You definitely deserve months of guilt-free frivolous sewing for yourself for this effort.
    Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my dress too 🙂


    • generous and easilly manipulated would fall into the same category for me! I’m sort of enjoying the sewing part, but the measuring and planning- not so much. The husband even had to cut and glue the foam to fit?!


  7. I hang my head in shame. I remember around 12 yrs ago I asked a new-coworker who “sewed” to whip me up 2 pillowcases since I had no machine at the time!! Being the sweet young lady, she did so with a smile (and may I say of such fine workmanship, I still have today) … Good luck w/finishing said project. PS: love the photos


  8. lol… that is so funny. People (outside of Ooobop! household) have recently started requesting ‘little’ sewing jobs. I completely get how you feel! I should be going into the project lovingly and willingly but it never feels like that. Though I do soak up the acclaim on presentation! I can’t imagine sewing piping on the bias. Doesn’t it wiggle around all over the place? You will do a fabulous job I’m sure and your friend is a very lucky one!!


  9. I thought of you on Friday, when I received a random phone call from my former boss. He asked if I would like to alter his teenage son’s suit jacket for his (boss’) wedding. In two weeks. “I think it just needs the sleeves shortened. Son thinks it needs to be taken in everywhere… you know, for a slim fit.” Um. No. Probably not even for my own hypothetical teenage son.


    • Oh, God no!!! I’m getting a horrible disaster movie visual as you are sucked out of the portal into the wasteland! Grab something heavy and dig your toes in- quickly!


  10. You are some kind of saint. I kvetch at doing costumes for the kids’ school projects, but if someone had the effrontery to suggest I sew home dec for them….let’s just say my garden would be very well fertilized! 🙂


    • I’ve developed a new litmus test. If I can say the project won’t look good on me, then I won’t do it. So that excludes, cushions, window dressings and Saint’s Day togas!


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