Wearable Wednesday! Chanel lets us eat cake

Ok, now this is resort wear, so technically it isn’t Ready to Wear, but people, bear with me- it is a cratepaper crazy,special tailoring odyssey and I want you to join me. Ready? We’re at Varseille with the Swinton who is being captured by the Kaiser- but nobody puts our Tilda in a corner! Not even Karls team of bobbed fembots in ground gripping shoes!

Oh, Coco. Jessica Simpson just bought these pants.

 I love this jacket.

Why are they angry- their feet can’t hurt?!

 I want this- unless the nightgown restraining her is actually part of it…

Does your pink eyeshadow make you look like you have an infection? Yeah, me too.

Well, children of the revolution, how do you feel?

photo credits: style.com, google images

41 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday! Chanel lets us eat cake

  1. Lordy. I thought resorts were where people were happy? Cheerful? Wore comfy clothes? Is it a resort for the surly & overdressed? Is it clothing of the last resort? … still wanna try on option 1…


  2. My favorite is the black jacket/top #3. Also love the sweater/top on #4 and I do like the blue dress..I think would like it more without the stand up collar and pockets less puffed out. The Swinton would look great in the black dress you covet , she could pull off the odd nightgown clinging to it. Thanks for sharing


  3. How cunning to display at Varseille, with all those neck enhancing details and decadent price tags. I do love the black gown, sans nightie, but wonder why with presumably delightful spring gardens, all these backgrounds are deadly dull gritty paths with occasional hedge and pond? Maybe the clothes are not sufficiently attention grabbing and we would be distracted by the flowers?


  4. If it says Chanel on it I want it, I don’t care if I look like a mad blue Marie-Antoinette. I’m having deeply coveteous thoughts on Tilda’s coat.


    • Ok now- did you see Gaga in the UK Daily Fail today? She’s only wearing a glittery Chanel jacket- she may be the only exception to the chanel jacket love for me!


  5. Oh Wednesdays I love you. Wearable Wednesdays that is.

    I see the casting call for this shoot was for Romulan or Vulcan models with easter egg colored hair.

    The first one reminds me of a bee keepers outfit, slap on the hat and you are good to go. One does wonder how the model is able to stay in a vertical pose with legs that have no visible muscle, just bone and skin.

    The second one, hmm, kinda looks like Karl vomited ruffles all over it, and keep your hands away from the salsa and chips, that lace would be dragging through everything. But I forgot people who buy Chanel don’t eat, do they?

    What is with the schizophrenic (I can actually spell that without looking it up, that should scare you) black and lace dress? Maybe the black part is the cocoon and the lace is the metaphorical butterfly bursting out?

    I want Tilda`s coat. Tell you what we can stalk her, you knock her down, I will rip the coat from her and run, we will also need a get away driver, any takers?

    I think I may need to up my meds.


  6. Goodness. I can’t imagine a resort where I’d wear those, although I do like the black coat/dress too (minus the tulle). I’m wondering if Uncle Karl took the Versailles concept a bit too far? These are all so terribly, terribly Marie Antoinette — when I can see an influence without having to think about it, it’s over the top.


  7. I like the lines on the front of the black dress, though the rabid poodle on the back has to go. As for the rest of it, I have trouble believing that any actual relaxing could be done in this so-called ‘resort wear’. I mean, I don’t tend to think of black clothing when traveling somewhere balmy and near the ocean. Call me crazy. Nor do I think of stiff woven fabrics shaped into odd necklines, or anything besides semi-sheer, loose, flowing fabrics in bright colors and sandals for walking on the beach. And maybe, MAYBE, a towel for when Rafael is giving me that incredible massage…. 😉


  8. I think the Lagerfeld is enough to scare anyone – but I’m glad he chose those shoes and not something from the ‘Hotter’ shoes range. Perhaps he is just feeling his age and going for something comfy. It wasn’t clear if the clothes had elasticated waists…..


  9. rosyragpatch says:

    Resort wear? Seriously? I like the black dress but am not sure about having what might be a bridal veil hanging from it.


  10. despite the bizarre styling and embellishments which are clearly from another dimension, the tailoring lines on the jackets are just incredible – the first one in pink, and the black one are my favourites 🙂


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