Friday morning Riviera Swinton Sighting!

If you have had your Tildopplers set to Cannes you saw our ‘Oddess appear twice so far:

‘Namaste, people of earth’

In other pictures you can see she’s recycling the shoes- her winged horse had less saddle bag space than the Ton-Ton she usually takes to appearances. I like.

‘Dude- did you see I’m with tilda Swinton????’

How do other Tildanians feel about these? I think the colors are wonderful on her. Maybe not so much on Mr Murray.

Photo credits: Zimbio

27 thoughts on “Friday morning Riviera Swinton Sighting!

  1. Colors are just beautiful on her…love the beige/rose gown. Sightings should be getting easier…movie pushing appearances; sigh, even the Swinton must go along w/the bunch.


  2. Be still my heart – a Swinton swoon has come over me. What a goddess she is! I love both outfits. I’m very fond of her in light blue, ever since that gorgous jacket and skirt she wore on the red carpet. Ethereal – yes!


  3. Sublime as always. With this sighting you’ve helped me on the way with Prisoner 101 – a pencil skirt! Then I too will look like Tilda (but with mascara).


  4. Judging by the rest of those backs of heads, I would say that’s the gang from Moonrise Kingdom, the new Wes Anderson movie that opens this weekend. Oh man, I am so excited to see it… maybe even as excited as Bill Murray is to be with the Swinton.


  5. Yep, she’s still cool. Love the first outfit best and wish there were occasions ordinary folk could wear the frock. Oh, if we could afford it and anything else Le Swinton would deign to don.


  6. I could never be The Oddess–hell, I don’t think I could even manage Oddesque–but I do have a piece of blue silk that wants to be that skirt. Thanks as always for the post and the inspiration.


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