Simplicity 1796 the one like Ann Romano had

Simplicity was super swell and sent me this new Plus-sized pattern to try out. I immediately took to my bed as they say and after 3 days of weeping, I reconciled myself to them thinking that I was a plus-sized gal (seriously- who thinks that?!) and  found a lovely orange border print that I had gotten super cheap. Now I’m not anti-orange, but in my neck of the woods it implies a devotion to a particular cow college that features a blinding plastic orange paw print and tiger motif. So I avoid it. But I want to join the tangerine tango bandwagon too, so I cut out this hardly obnoxious fabric.   I chose view A- I loved the semi-Rowley sleeves and the neckline promised much flattery to my little collarbones.  The other views made me think too much about that duchess that stole my child groom away. I just know his mother would have wanted us to be together.

The instructions as always were very easy to follow and the results pleasing. But something kept stopping me. I am not sold on this skirt shape for my size- it came out far too close to my body.  You know I don’t go to work in dresses and if I do a dress I like it to resemble a group of small children playing parachute. This cut kept reminding me of something- someone. Someone I found soo cool when I was a kid. a sassy career girl that I was fascinated by that had her own apartment, a career in advertising and a whacky handyman. This shape reminds me of the styles I found so sophisticated when I was a child- Ann Romano!

So I really love the top half of this, but the bottom just doesn’t fit my lifestyle and maybe isn’t the best hovercraft for my tuckus. I am basically a flashy top and neutral bottom kind of filly on a daily basis. So I’ve followed the lead of several other bloggers and started cropping patterns- so for Simplicity’s sake, I give you the pattern as they intended but without the horror of how it flattens out my caboose:

 ……and then the Anne Plan as I like to think of it. Cropped with a wide waistband. Here I am in my simulated Lancome ad setting:

As always, I feel that leopard is the ultimate neutral. I was pleased to see how well this matched my Betsey Johnson carrot necklace- great huh?

There was one other predator at play in my sanctuary….

photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review,google images

33 thoughts on “Simplicity 1796 the one like Ann Romano had

  1. mrsmole says:

    I see you have orange shoes too!!!! Leopard is such a neutral! Sometimes dresses evolve into tops since the best feature is the neck or sleeves and the skirt part was just a ho-hum afterthought on the designer’s part. You look trendy but keep your handkerchief handy for wiping away small tears for Betsy Johnson and her brand’s demise.


  2. Sherry says:

    I think orange, I mean tangerine tango, looks fabulous with denim! Great idea to crop it as you’ll probably wear it more this way too. Plus you actually have shoes to match!!


  3. That’s a lovely save! However you may feel about orange, you have the right skin tone for it and the blouse looks good on you.

    I share your feeling on straight dresses and skirts. They always wind up pulling and getting hung up on my body — but I keep buying the ones with elastic waist seams. Because they look easy and comfortable? I don’t really know why.


    • If you have on orange you are subject to a million people hollering- ‘you goin’ ta tha gayme?’ in Jeff Foxworthy-worthy voices! I’ll definitely avoid it with purple, but of course, thats juust the sane thing to do!


  4. I had requested that pattern to be reviewed on Pattern Review! I’m glad to hear it gets a thumbs up. I really like your version – that’s a good idea to crop it – I need to jump on that bandwagon too. 🙂


  5. So pretty…I am impressed w/sleeves! Of course, the color suits you so well. I love any shade of orange (Mad Men devotee to the core)…but I only own one orange T-shirt that I never wear for fear of being taken for a Tigers devotee. Great photos!!


  6. Thanks for the comment on my top. It was kind of funny popping over here and seeing that you’d done a similar thing – great minds think alike they say! I’m actually a big fan of orange…especially when rolling around in a field of dandelions. The yellow and orange really pop! One thing I did on my top, which I didn’t mention, but probably should have, was to understitch every seam on the sleeve. This wasn’t mentioned in the instructions, which was a bit silly. I think the seams on your sleeves would sit flatter if they were understitched. It really is a lovely top and with shoes to match, you can’t go wrong!


  7. Seriously, are those Colorifics on your feet?! Because that would make my day. Just make it. You look great in this tangerine! I’m all for cutting patterns to make ’em work for you, even if it was direct from the maker 🙂 Especially after a backhanded compliment.

    I hear you… love orange, but avoided it while in Austin because I didn’t want to look like I was heading to the football game. Last Halloween I tried to convince Ryan that we should go as Ann & Schneider, but he had no clue what I was talking about. What’s this about no more Betsey Johnson? Sads. Time to stock up on leopard print panties.


    • Seriously sad- I believe Steve Madden will be still keeping her bridge line going but no more high end Betsey. I highly doubt that Donatella will cartwheel at the end of every show for us!


  8. You always make me giggle at least 6 times per post (“hovercraft for my tuckus” HA!) Listen, I have a thing for redheads in orange. It’s a thing. That colour is splendida on you. Better to salvage the good half than throw the whole thing away.


  9. rosyragpatch says:

    That colour looks so good on you. Lots of dresses would benefit from being cut down like that – really good idea.


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