Back when I was carefree…..

I’m still in upholstery purgatory. I can see the end of the tunnel, but not much light yet. I’m hoping this 3 day weekend will get me thru this and back where I belong in self-indulgence city. So I thought I would show you some things I made for my favorite models- the little ones that don’t complain. Back in my former life before the recession made the doll couture audience dwindle a bit. Sigh.

I really enjoy making doll clothes- you can get so much more ‘busy’ in your prints and embellishments than you can on most people clothes-I also got to buy alot of new dolls to ‘keep ahead of the curve’ of course- not because I just needed her!I could also take these to my side job and hem very discreetly! These are also further proof that I am the most spoiled wife ever- Mr B would dutifully stop playing Call of Duty to take these tiny photo shoots whenever I asked! Did I mention that you feel so much less guilt when you purchase tiny fabric amounts?

Ok, here’s one more:

Ok, I’d better go pin piping now. sigh……

photo credits: meadhawg, google images

29 thoughts on “Back when I was carefree…..

    • I don’t have kids, so my boss used to get alot of unsold stuff and ‘set’ furniture for his girls and they really didn’t know what to think of this person with all the dolls and no kids! I got a lot of requests for play dates.


      • You sound like the perfect workmate for me! My girls love our gallery curator, box office staff and our other creative types as they are always giving them craft, art and fun ‘stuff’. Much more interesting than Mummy!


  1. So glad you shared some of your “doll creations” … they are awesome. I miss those little “ladies” and as fate would have it, I have thought about them myself this past week … wondering if you missed the fun!! Just love the photos!


  2. I’m a doll lover myself; I have more Barbies than I can count and a few treasured Gene dolls. I plan to add more after seeing some of yours! I love the clothes. I need to get cracking sewing for my and my daughter’s dolls before she’s too old to play with them.


  3. Your blog post today is so inspiring to me. I am curious to know what kind of dollies you have. I used to “dress” antique doll’s for a lady who took my things to doll shows all over the US. I had forgotten about it until just now….My life has changed so much now that I am my Mom’s caregiver and never leave the house any more. I am curious to know what these lovely dolls are. Please forgive how awkwardly that last sentence was written. I enjoy reading your blog and everyone’s comments. I feel as though we are friends :*) Thank you again for sharing with me/us, I am very grateful. Sincerely, Janet


  4. My mother sewed a few Barbie clothes, but neither of her girls liked dolls very much. And now I have a son, who’s obviously not interested in dolls, so it’s interesting to see other people sew for dolls. You’ve got some beautiful little dresses made up, and I can’t imagine how hard it is to try and sew all those tiny curves with teeny seam allowances!! I tip my hat to you miss! 🙂


  5. Sherry says:

    Ooh they are all totally gorgeous!
    Next time I see an unwanted doll I might have to rescue her. Help – I better go before I have a new hobby that I really don’t need!


  6. Gorgeous! I used to sew for 18″ girl dolls and Cabbage Patch kids, as well as Betsy McCall and Ann Estelle. As you said, the bottom dropped out of the market…so sad. I recognize a Sophie in your collection, a Robert Tonner (maybe? with the curls) and two of the Helen Kish dolls. I wanted a Kish so bad, but settled for a Natterer instead. Now I want a Blythe….

    I am grateful to the dolls for helping me learn collars and cuffs. After setting in tiny little sleeves, big-people sewing is downright easy!


  7. OMG – I love your doll outfits! I love dolls too and made my Gene doll an outfit from one of the Vogue patterns that was made for her. I suppose that when I really started learning about sewing; I never made that connection before.


  8. These are stunningly beautiful! I have 3 daughters, and they would all love me to make doll clothes, but I don’t have the patience – how ironic is that? Lovely and inspiring. I’m just going to look at the photos for a while now….


  9. Lynn says:

    I’ve always loved seeing your doll creations. I so wish I’d known you when I had my 18 inch Barbie and her clothes were ruined in a nasty Kool Aid incident we don’t talk about anymore…….


  10. Oh, my gosh! I was a doll maker for years and years! Sold them all over the country! My designs were mostly repros of cloth antique rag dolls, but I did many, many one of a kind funky cloth dolls using vintage textiles. Your doll clothes are wonderful. I am intrigued by those jointed dolls..what are they?


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