Simplicity 1806- Look kids, a normal top!

It seems that usually I base my sewing on absolutely no reality of lifestyle at all. It’s like I have a little bracelet I consult: ‘WWLBPW’ * for ideas. has made me realize that I have NO NORMAL CLOTHES! I may even (gasp) start sewing with a plan! Oh, heavens- that is just too mature for me! Quick! 2 Pixie sticks STAT! So this week I hid from the cushions for a few hours to make Simplicity 1806:

I did the view the model is threatening us in. There were no major alterations to report- it is what it is. I found a major sale at Hancock’s on a gauzy cottony shear with silver metallic stripes going thru it. It’s ALMOST a solid for those of you  keeping score- I’m inching toward a solid- I think I can, I think I can….NOPE! I must sew gaudily. To make sure my gaudy point came across, I inserted a little chain across the front- cuz I’m tough!As always Mr B was totally willing to facilitate the photo shoot in an unlikely place: The Russell Stovers Outlet! Does anyone need any Valentines candy early? I’m on it! Yes, my camera man let me stand in front of the weight watcher candy- oh, he’ll be punished.Yes, friends, this is acting! Look at me feigning intense interest in this candy- all to make this posting realistic. Lord, I gives until it hurts!‘Every day I’m trufflin’ trufflin’………’

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, pattern review

*What would little bo peeop wear?’

50 thoughts on “Simplicity 1806- Look kids, a normal top!

  1. Ruth says:

    This I like very much. Looks like a great versatile pattern and the back detail is a surprise. Looking good in the candy store


  2. I was looking at that pattern yesterday when I was at the fabric store but I was on the fence as to whether it would work for me. I love your interpretation better than the pattern photo. Darn, now I’m must go back to the fabric store. You did an awesome job, and I like the chain detail.


  3. I’m like the exact opposite of you — I must sew practical clothes, or I’d be naked! That top is much cuter on you than the model; I think you must have picked a better fabric for the style. It drapes beautifully and I love the chain detail!

    Nice candy store pictures; too bad I’m allergic to chocolate. I’m just going to live vicariously through you.


  4. Just channel a Lady Gaga-esque attitude and wear your makes with pride. And, I’m glad you made this top your own, too. That chain really sets of the top.


  5. I had no idea there are outlets for food stores, let alone candy and chocolate makers! Wow, and double wow! When I finally peeled my eyes away from all those jelly beans, I did love your chain detail! I might have to copy it one day…


  6. I love this! The chain is fab! I like the back tuck detail, too, and it’s a great color! I’m glad your top doesn’t have the weird look that the model is sporting where the little curved hem bit is highlighting her, um, (let’s call a spade a spade) crotch.


  7. Love your interpretation – the chain takes it away from the norm. I have this pattern and hadn’t noticed the tuck at the back – very nice indeed.


  8. carol456 says:

    I’m with you – I need more ‘normal’ clothes. I really like this pattern and I’ve never noticed it before. There’s another addition to my sewing queue, thank you!


  9. I need a bit of gaudy and actually some ‘normal’ (un-boring) clothes too. This is a cute shirt and I do love the interesting detail at the back, plus, of course the chain in front. And ’tis a solid. ‘Tis ’tis ’tis.


  10. Love the top and the way the metallic appears and disappears with the change of grainline. The pleat at the back adds a nice touch. Definitely a stunning colour solid!


  11. Oh I am with you , solids seem well a bit boring. The chain addition is great – is this a bit of S+M or are chanelling Chanel. BTW did you swipe Barbies handbag – what do you manage to keep in there ?


  12. jadesabre9 says:

    Love the top! And I too favor prints over solids … I am perfectly ok being “that person with the loud clothes” though 🙂 I also love the setting of your pictures this week!


  13. What a great top! I find that I sew without a plan too. I wouldn’t know where to start with one which probably means I really need to do some wardrobe planning. I’d miss all of the unique garments you make if you start SWAP !


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