Wearable Wednesday A Detacher makes me feel detached

Well, I am so pleased at how much Charles we are seeing this week- let’s have our House DJ ChuckeSlide play for us as we explore the work of Mona Kowalska- the head of A Detacher.

On the beat now- ‘Ain’t no party like a Windsor party, cuz a Windsor party don’t stop- Word to my Mother’

Sleeves. Ladies, don’t forget to mark and notch your sleeve pieces.  Hmm. I’m sort of out of thoughts on these. Chuck- play something loud and bouncy.  Camilla – join us on the beatbox. ‘If there’s a problem, Mum will solve it, check out the hook while the DJ revolves it….”  Awesome grooves, sir.  That wass my favorite- maybe I’m just not about sleeves starting on the shoulder blades. Oh and surprise, it’s a print material! Comments? help me out here, I’m sort of blah on this- not enough to terrify, but not enough to get enthused over. Altho- I’m fascinated by the riddle of how garments can look restrictive, yet baggy at the same time. She doesn’t look enthused either, maybe it’s not just me. I’m not even sure Charles’s Jubilee mashup of Teddy Bear Picnic and Will.I.am is going to save this for me.  Sort me out here- newbie sewing disaster-esque or cutting edge inspiration?

photo credits: style.com, UK Daily Mail

27 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday A Detacher makes me feel detached

  1. If you or I made sleeves like that we’d be ashamed but put a big fancy price tag on it, send it down a catwalk and stick label on it and all of a sudden it becomes fashion. I do like the print frock number 3 – too much pattern for whats-her-name though, the one married to one of Charles’ sons.


  2. SewSavory says:

    Samurai crybabies forced to play dress up in Grandma’s closet.

    Although I am kinda drawn to that last cardigan – if I could fix those damn sleeves!

    I love WW and I am with you. Meh & perplexed.


  3. Looks like the models were crying backstage about being sent out in this collection. I like the pencil skirt and I’m prepared to fight ya for the print frock, it’s sunshine in a fashion swamp.


  4. Loving the dark grey/white print. Except for the sleeves, love the small checked with the orange tights and really think #5 – orange belted and cuffed – is so “smart”; and am strangely attracted to the last combo..again love the tights w/the print. So from my rather strong pull towards classic w/edge, I say yes, very nice…just redo the sleeves for most of them. The theory that fashion gets more layered, longer, warmer, etc. as economic times get harder seems to be so!!


  5. mrsmole says:

    Are these the new dress code for smuggling attire or stashing things for flying to avoid being charged baggage fees and carry-on luggage fees? Like Ruth I believe we could not carry off this mismatched droopy look to our sewing friends nor that mismatched fabrics.That last sweater looks like it started life as a pair of knitted shorts and then the model just pulled it on over her head instead…weird! The black puddles under the eyes just complete the whole look…sad and ill fitting.


  6. Yeah, they do look like kids playing dressup with mom’s clothes.

    I think this is an example of what happens when designers aren’t thinking about whether they’d actually want to wear clothes of the kind they’re creating… baggy yet restrictive. >_<


  7. How… strange. I like the print in that dress as well, I like the lace in the skirt, but past that it’s just odd. Too big, crazy wrinkles seem to be clinging or pulling in strange spots, and then the eyeliner or whatever under their eyes? They look sad enough out there without making it look like their mascara has pooled under their eyes.


  8. For years, I’ve been wondering exactly what Michael Kors meant when he used to say something on Project Runway was “Becky Home-ecky.” I mean, I knew he was being offensive but I’ve seen so many adorable homemade creations, I didn’t really have a mental picture in mind.

    Now I do. Every feature on these outfits looks like a sewing mistake.


  9. I guess I have a strange fashion sense – I actually like these clothes other than the dropped shoulder puffed sleeves and the models’ hairstyles- it looks like they are walking around with a forgotten curler on the top of their heads. Please! no red eye shadow or raccoon eyes.


    • You’ve made my Wednesday, I love when someone supports the quirk! I’m sending you a samurai wiglet and a coupon for the prince of Wales to perform at your next soiree!


  10. I don’t know, I would be tempted to put just about every one of the garments in the big black trash bag and tote them off to Goodwill. They would be totally unremarkable except for that hair and make-up. I would have liked to see the sleeveless all plaid number from the front.


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