Damn it Jim, I’m a Doctor, not a Marsupial……Mccalls 6565

My husband is so proud right now. Not of my sewista activities- the Star Trek reference of course.

Ok, back to my agenda. I seem to always sew the pattern everyone has made:

Or the pattern no one has made. Either way, this time I’m rocking a pouch area in the front. This spring fashion forecast calls for kangaroos and neons! 

I chose view D- little sleevelets and less pleating on areas that I surely do not need pleating. Seriously, I found it to be the most redeeming shape of all the options- if the model looks like she’s been gathering acorns at Karl Lagerfelds chalet, what would I look like in it?! I have inadvertently created my first – non-wearable muslin! This is it’s best view:This fabric has been with me for far too long- it’s serious polyester. It’s like the least breathable fabric on the planet. It repels natural fibers. But it was cheap and brightly colored and that is my downfall- it’s also what I’m hoping to be when I grow up.  Some issues to correct when I try again with a decent fabric:  the pattern called for self-facings, that ended below the bust and  lining material to complete the rest of it. A 2-toned lining! Hmm.  It doesn’t show, why do it? If I had more foresight, I’d have made the entire lining in just the lining material- 2 layers of this fabric is impervious to ironing, I’ve trimmed, I’ve clipped, I’ve summoned a priest, it will not lay flat- it is alive! Living Polyester- truly an oxymoron.  My other issue that is sort of fabric driven is the hem- it has that roll over effect and in a non-flowing fabric it just looks like I’m bunchy. The length is not so cool either- not really a top, too short to be a tunic, too sleazy to be a dress.Sleeves! I of course opted for sleeves- the upper arm cutlets always get camouflage when available. Ok, sleeves is a loose term- these turned out to really just be shoulder awnings. I can picture a tiny doorman lurking near my clavicles in case anyone fancy needs help finding my arm pit.

So after all this complaining, why am I still so enamored of this pattern?  I just really think that in the right fabric, this could be really cute and it was really fun to sew and it has pocket/pouches! So I am off to the closet of textile hoarding to get some good fabric and start over with my list of grievances and schemes.

photo credits: meadhawg, google images

64 thoughts on “Damn it Jim, I’m a Doctor, not a Marsupial……Mccalls 6565

  1. Growing up is so ‘yesterday’. And are you implying kangaroos have style issues? Come on, an animal with an evolutionary pocket! Australia is sooo ahead of the curve 😉


    • So you’d try again? Maybe a light lawn or something? I’m thinking hack off the bottom half of the lining and just hem it- that hem poof is not so cool for me!


  2. Cheryl says:

    Hysterical! Started my day laughing – always a great thing! Not a big fan of the top, but loved your commentary. We’ve all had those issues – summon a priest, indeed! Have you sewn the 2245 Lisette? That has the look of many cute dresses I’m seeing priced at $150 and up!


  3. My husband would be proud of you too. While he may give nods to Star Trek, I’m all about Monty Python. Now if I could only work in a dead parrot comment about that polyester. I sympathize, but it is a fiber that never silly walks though my door. 🙂


    • I worship at the Temple of Monty Python also.

      “aargh, I fart in your general direction” is my ring tone.

      as you can imagine I get strange looks from people.


    • Psst- batten down the hatches- i found a solid piece of fabric hat was in a free bundle and may try it. I have to get it out of the closet- I think the me fabrics were bullying it.


  4. I agree so heartily with mrsmole! I didn’t notice anything but loveliness until you pointed out the hem. Polyester is truly a pain in the butt to press and I’m sure you would get more joy from a lovely fabric. As for 2 tone lining that surely is an approach for people with time on their hands, non?!


  5. Fabric is very pretty, but I think working with polyester would need a papal blessing at the very least. Admire you for doing such a nice job…you just need to go with another fabric as you said.


  6. LMAO!!!! I want to be that when I grow up, too!!!! I think the top is cute, and I totally agree with you about the curse of polyester. JEEPERS. It’s so deceptive: looks nice and morphs into horridness. That said, I love the colour and it IS a cheery top. Don’t add a skirt….


  7. SewSavory says:

    You have made the Captain happy with your Star Trek reference. Oh course I can’t keep your blog to myself. I must blab about your adventures! AND you picked DeForest Kelly – did you know he grew up in Conyers, GA??

    I digress (which I am prone to do) – I have this pattern but have not made it up yet. I appreciate the fabrics tips. Very helpful. And I wouldn’t say it’s not wearable. I think you look adorable. 😉


      • SewSavory says:

        There should be a statue – but sadly, there is not. Let me know if you pass through – I can point you towards a couple of fabric shopping opportunities. Have you ever been to Ohco? It’s a home dec fabric outlet – there’s outerwear opportunities to be had for a mere pittance. I also heard on the news yesterday that Fabric.com is going to move to a larger facility later this year (and hire another 40 souls) – they do not advertise that they have an actual storefront, but you can go and peruse & purchase (at least at the current location).


  8. aliesje says:

    I’m loving the polyester confessional. I’ve learned to just step away from the stuff… especially since it’s often as awful to wear as it is to sew.


  9. TinaLou says:

    Love your blog posts – shoulder awnings indeed!!! I too am drawn by shiny polyester prettiness (and that color is to-die-for!), but even in New England, it’s like wrapping oneself in saran wrap – without the reaction of the UPS guy at the door 😉


  10. Bwahaha! The top is cute, even with your stylistic complaints. This pattern just looks like trouble to me — the pockets, the bagging, the lines, the shoulder awnings….just say no! I think you redeemed it nicely, even with the impossible polyester (I have summoned a priest for mine also and NOTHING works).

    I find myself wondering if you could just finish the hem rather than doing the pouchy part of the lining but I’m not invested enough to look up the pattern and try to figure it out, ha.


  11. Sherry says:

    Now I’ve stopped giggling I can type!
    I think you’ll have a wearable top if you finish the hem a-la-normally too. The only cure I know of for polyester is to avoid any humidity or exercise!


    • Well, i do avoid excersize and heat- I like to live like a veal, as you can see, but the relationship with this version is just too scarred to save. We must part…..


  12. God you are FUNNY… HILARIOUS. I read blogs through the Google Reader so I scroll through them. As soon as I read a heading from your blog I know it is you and start to grin before even reading the blog because I know I will be reading some amusing take on life. I really like the top and with the adjustments you have mentioned it should be a great top.


  13. jadesabre9 says:

    Love all the terminology – so very witty. 🙂 Very cute top. I think with a little bit of added length to make it more of a tunic, this would be fabulous. I have made a tunic with seams similar to the curved ones in this tunic, they were fairly troublesome. Good job!


  14. You are a comic goddess. All things, including polyester, should bow down to your awesomeness. Can’t wait to see the top in a more penitent fabric. Hopefully your tiny doorman won’t mind the remodel!


  15. rosyragpatch says:

    Really pretty fabric. I can see why you bought it. I guess you could think of it as a toile? Hope the next one turns out well.


  16. This pattern is on my list to buy as soon as Fabricland finally decides to have a pattern sale. I want to make the same version as you, except sleeveless. I’m happy to see it made up, even if it turned out to be an unwearable muslin! Thank you for letting us see it not hiding behind a tree!


  17. I’ve been eyeing this pattern off too. I don’t reckon that it’s too bad – just a few tweaks and you’ll get it into something that goes into constant wardrobe rotation. I suspect that I’ll need to make a few of them too (with some that will win and others that will not…)


  18. OMGosh! I think it could be cute, too! Shoulder Awnings!?!?!
    (Actually, you could replace those with a more appropriate capped sleeve.)
    It really does have possibilites.


  19. Carla says:

    Quote: Ok, sleeves is a loose term- these turned out to really just be shoulder awnings. I can picture a tiny doorman lurking near my clavicles in case anyone fancy needs help finding my arm pit.

    OMG–tears of laughter!!! I am definately following your blog now….SO need laughter in my life.

    Thank you for this delicioius humor! I’m so grateful to have found you



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