Wearable Wednesday – Nanette Lepore….sigh

I just need a serious injection of light and fluffy this morning.It’s been a rough week so far.  Hows this? Nanette Lepore. Say it with me. It even sounds girly. Like a very special macaroon that couldn’t possibly make you fat.  I think I could see myself in this- Perhaps not with the booties, but hey, why not…. they do match the handbag.You know I love me some mixed patterns…It makes me think of Anna Sui a bit…….Can I get those shoes from zappos?In my heart of hearts I am a willowy, fawnlike creature. usually followed around by a young Asian male playing the harpsichord. Don’t analyze- just go with it. This is what I’m wearing in most of my slim-hipped fantasies. Usually while I bottle feed tiny unscented lambs that are wearing wild flower wreathes- that match the one on my manservant.    When I have my fantasy business meetings with Jeremy Northam- who likes to over-flatter me about my accounting skills and houndstoothy hotness, I wear something like this…..Jeremy, oh, stop…….

I want that blouse. I’d be a really good person in that blouse, I just know it. The shoes would be mirrors of my pure soul. I’d also like a macaroon.

photo credits:style.com

28 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday – Nanette Lepore….sigh

  1. I’m fascinated with where you’re gonna find tiny, UNSCENTED lambs… I love this collection, I really do — even the first outfit, which would make me look like curry chicken (I tend to the sallow, even on a good day). Favorites are #s 3, 4 and 6.

    Am I the only person who has tried macaroons and not been impressed? They’re too sweet or something for me….


  2. mrsmole says:

    A six letter word describes this so well…NORMAL! Any woman would lover these clothes and feel elegant even without unscented lambs! Macaroons must be good for you with all that coconut oil and flakes. Love the first coat and if the yellow outfit comes in black or red…sign me up!


  3. Okay, that’s pretty stuff. Even the pieces that wouldn’t suit me are lovely in their own right. I think 4 and 6 are my fave’s. I love that shade of burgundy that is in so many of them.


  4. Can you believe this?! I actually was munching on a macaroon when I read your posting, lol! I for one loooove foods that come in rainbow assortments. Great choice of outfits. I don’t usually think of Nanette Lepore, too sweet for me, but the blue top and skirt in #4 is totally my style. I love the skirt print, I get a bit of a tropical island feeling…


  5. They are are so pretty…as Mrs. Mole said “normal”, even the models look like real women (altho size 1 isn’t real is it?) My favorites are 2 and 3; and just love the Houndstooth. It certainly is a very wearable Wednesday!!!


  6. Actually, I just want to shop in this gal’s fabric stash, though I’m not the hugest fan of all her designs at least they look semi-wearable and I probably wouldn’t give someone a funny look for wearing any of these.

    Pass the macaroons, will ya?


  7. My fav is the last look – blue and red – cool and hot together – a macaroon with a chilli. Nice choice today, very wearable, though I do like seeing the odd ones too.


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