Liberation achieved!

At last- the curse is lifted! This morning my spousal’ and I shall drop off the dreaded cushions and I shall be free! Here is one of the barren spots my overly-piped work will grace.  Ah, bringing color to beige lives- I’m like Mother Theresa…..only shallow of course. Since NOTHING looks better than when modeled with or by diminutive German hound- I bring you ‘Bruder and the cushions he should not be on’ …….Why are you not on the cushions Baby Bru’? Oh, Liesl kicked you off, did she? Oh, you were just being gracious and giving her a turn, I see.

Ok, now what?  I think I’ll join A Fashionable Stitch‘s 2-in-1 Sewalong and make Simplicity 1880…..frisky Leopard print challis me thinks.

I will not be trying the mock wrap version- I am not ready to deal with my gaposis issues just yet! I want the Jenny Packham-esque style- I won’t look like Kate in it, but maybe one of the trashy cousins they felt obliged to invite to the wedding and had a cheap seat behind a column….

Ahhhh……sweet freedom, it was only 3 cushions and a window dressing away all along.

photo credits: little me, google images, a Fashionable stitch

29 thoughts on “Liberation achieved!

  1. Cast off the shackles and frolic in a frenzy from those cushion. Although the hounds semm fond of them? I’m going to make 1880, perhaps in an English rose genteel fabric. So we shall not be identical twins… fraternal perhaps?


  2. Hurrah for the end of the upholstery tyranny! You’ll look fabulous in the shirt dress – like a fool I’m going to take on the gapiosis challenge… Plus your dogs are too cute, I love how Liesel looks like she’s trying to hide!


    • You know life is just to short to deal with unattractive textiles!! I promised the husband that I would not take on any further projects of this nature. I think we both need therapy now!


  3. What a great job you have done!!! The piping, the piping…I am more than impressed. Wonderful!! Poor Bruder, I get the feeling he didn’t want to share. Shirtwaists (love)..looking forward to seeing what u do.


    • Last night I dreamt that they didn’t like them. I was stuck with the monsters?!
      Bruder doesn’t like to share the loveseat with them- he really didn’t want to give up these either!


  4. “I won’t look like Kate in it, but maybe one of the trashy cousins they felt obliged to invite to the wedding and had a cheap seat behind a column….” Omg, I almost died laughing! I feel like this every time I’m with my perfect Tommy Hilfiger catalog in-laws. LOL! They’ve learned to love the leopard print, or at least me anyway. 🙂 I’m going to attempt the faux wrap dress style with some kind of animal print. I can’t wait to see yours!


  5. Love the cushions, love the furry babies, love all the photos. It’s just a lovin’ kind of Saturday morning. Congrats on another great job.

    Gaposis is not to be taken lightly. I still can’t resolve the issues with my 1880 sorta-wrap. I just tack down the offending areas with bug pins. Kinda cute but doesn’t fix anything.

    Count me in with the trashy-cousin-wearing-shirtdress section. I’ve been dying for an excuse to buy a fascinator!

    Congrats again on the beautiful work, and hugs to the spoiled adorable children.


  6. I’m thinking those German hounds would like some piping, cushions and maybe drapes in their crates. After all I know you wouldn’t just put an old folded up blanket or something in there and call it good, would you?? 😉
    I love that pattern, so many nice shirt dress patterns coming out with that 50-60’s vibe. Leopard…grrr Baby grrrr.


  7. That window seat was definitely in need of cushions, and it must be lovely to be at the end of the piping. Although the dogs do seem rather fond of them. Nothing like a freshly made object that makes an animal want to sit on it. Our cats do the same. on with the cousin dress!


  8. Awesome to be ‘liberated’ isn’t it? I also volunteered to make a similar piped cushion for a relative. Regretted it. It’s one thing for your dogs to take pride in your work but another to see your work being tossed on the floor of said relative and see her dog slobber on it. Evokes a different kind of response.


  9. jadesabre9 says:

    Haha, love your doggies! How dare you claim they don’t belong on the cushions! Clearly those cushions were made for dog hair decorations! 🙂


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