Oh, My!

This has been a week of fun and surprises!

On Wednesday I awoke to  see Wednesday Showcase at Rhonda’s Creative Life was featuring Becca (she seems nice!) and little me (I can be sweet!)! isn’t that cool? I follow in some very intimidating and inspiring footsteps!  The pups don’t think so- they got very little coverage, they really weren’t sure what the point was at all if they weren’t featured! Psst- hey houndys, it’s MY sewing blog!!Katze  had even bathed to prepare for any photo shoots that might  come along.

The Lady of Alliteration, Denise – let young Jimmy Olsen into my lair for a  visit and the results are a minor expose on hoarding and chaos!

Thank you Ladies, you made me blush and beam (that was for you Denise) !One a side note- Katze’s profile in Mensa Weekly is still on hold while they continue to search for her credentials. sigh….

I  other news, I’m plugging along on my Simplicity 1880- leopard silky stretchy marvelousness!

photo credits: meadhawg, google images

23 thoughts on “Oh, My!

    • Its amazing- about once a day it’s like something clicks and they realize, ‘hey! There’s a cat in here?!’ and chase it around barking for about 5 minutes until someones nose gets whacked by said cat and then they all go back to their regular sleeping. Bizarre.


  1. Congratulations on being featured! I love your sewing room, what a wonderful huge window you have! And how do you manage to keep the sofa free? If I had a sofa in my sewing room I just know it would be covered in fabric and books and patterns…


  2. punkmik says:

    ooo leopard print dress!! I eyed up some leopard print fabric in town today but then didnt have the guts to buy it as I dont know what to make out of it 😛


  3. How doubly awesome! Your sewing room is so organized- I need to get mine cleaned-up. I am starting to lose projects under the piles of muslins, fabric scraps, notions and papers everywhere.


  4. I don’t think I’d seen your doll clothes – they are so precious! You’ve reminded me a second time that I really need to get a Sidewinder. Used to think they were frivolous, but that was just jealousy talking.


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