Wearable Wednesday- Tsumori Chisato

I wanted to throw some major American designer at us today- since its July 4th, but I started looking at Ralph Lauren and darned if I didn’t get a little bit sleepy, sorry, Ralph, but your Resort wear was very classic in that ho and hum way this time. Forgive, please and don’t sick the Bush’s on me!

Then I saw this! Now My little eyes are open! It’s like a crayola sponsored event! It’s taken me years to stop gathering like that. Look, look! this is just more color theme than I can handle. Red, white and too….I like the bright ones better. But oh, that crotch is not so good. Is that a cd on her shoulder? More patriotic splendour! The illusion dress that accentuates your hips, yay! This is the second Walk of Shame outfit I’ve featured- soon to become a regular feature I’m sure. Lets play guess the origin- I vote that she’s leaving Pancho Villas house……. Hmm….Something about the skirt isn’t making me sing and dance.

…even less dancing. Mostly because I fear that only Diane Kruger could pull this off and she annoys me. She isn’t posing right! Why isn’t she holding one heel at an awkward angle while reaching for an invisible cat with the other?  that is no Vogue or Burda model!

I kind of like the shoes….don’t tell anyone.

photo credits: style.com

48 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Tsumori Chisato

  1. I like top 2 & pants 3 – except every outfit – especially the pants appear to have been designed for someone with at least an ounce of flesh on their bones!
    What’s with the poncho – I had a better looking camp blanket when I was in Brownies. At least mine had badges!!


      • LOL, there is nothing I like, but the terrier crew would love that poncho as a blanket.
        The models probably look so sad because they are slowly starving to death in the name of fashion. That CERTAINLY isn’t a collection worth passing up one iota of food for. Poor thing, I draw stick figures that have more meat and curves.


  2. the howler and me says:

    Oh my. I think that the model needs to eat something…. The clothes all hang on her in the worst sort of way…

    I agree the shoes are the best part of any of those outfits.


  3. mrsmole says:

    Why do all these models look so sad? Could it be someone has shoved a broom handle up their butts and assumed they would make good scarecrows? Grown women wearing daisy sandals? They all look like they have been created in a Sewing 101 class where fit is not important. And what do women do if they have a bust larger than an “A” cup? Oh Dear…who buys this stuff?


  4. Wow, that girl needs a sandwich! I like the 2nd and 4th outfits, and the shoes on the last, pretty cool! But heavens, someone feed that waif!! 😮


  5. rosyragpatch says:

    The colours are great but the clothes…..well, I can’t imagine there would be many many women who could (or would want to) wear them.


  6. My mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything positive, don’t say anything at all.” Which is actually terrible advice for life but perfectly applicable to this collection. For once, I see NOTHING I like.


    • I of course prefer the Alice Roosevelt Longworth-
      ‘if you can’t say anything nice about a person, come and sit by me.’
      But you usually do find something redeeming about them. No lumpen crotch pants? No orthopaedic wedges?


      • I know – isn’t it ridiculous what passes in a fashion show/magazine for FIT? It’s really pathetic. I went shopping today and couldn’t help being overwhelmed by how poorly everyone’s clothes fit. The only people that seemed to wear proper fitting clothes were the Bay Street financiers in their 3 pc suits and the odd executive-type woman. But the rest of the population’s schlepping through the stores…… yeeeeps! But now that I’ve said my nasty piece, I really like the first pair of shoes – what a colour! – and the 2nd last dress – again for the colour, because it would hang like a housedress in the worst sort of way on my less-than-starved silhouette. Pass another sandwich, please!


        • I just wish that people put more ease in their clothing. They act like the size is printed on it like bowling shoes,so going up a size to something more appropriate would be awful! No, it would look better!


  7. KC says:

    OK, first, the poncho would be an easy make. But she looks like she’s waiting for her desperad-ob-gyn to come into the examination room. At least she is ready for the stirrups.


  8. carol456 says:

    I’m not sure this model has enough muscle mass to be able to actually lift her feet and walk in those shoes and don’t get me started on the garments themselves …


  9. Like the top on #2 and love the last look. The background looks like Rihanna will show up to shoot a video dressed in full metal; maybe that is why the model looks so sad!?!


  10. Karen J says:

    Seriously some of the worst looks I’ve seen in awhile. I think we should make that poor girl a sandwich and give her an ice cream cone.


  11. The dress under “patriotic splendor” almost screams “the shape is to remember that you have a uterus!”

    And poor Princess Shamewalk… as she left Pancho Villa, she ran into her gardener, on whom she has long had a lusting– in that DH Lawrence adapted for the BBC kind of way– and overcome with passion and still working off the tequila, she then (a few hours later) had to borrow his shoes to slink back to the estate.

    Of course, if we want to go full-on Lady Chatterly or The Rainbow, we could go stable boy and gardener for Princess’ night of double delight. In my scenarios, she got at least one night with Sean Bean, which begs the question: why does she look so pissed? Is she constipated? Menstruating? Had a bad waxing?


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