Wearable Wednesday- Bouchra Jarrar

Ready for something normal? I mean really normal? Great, huh? Tailoring, femininity, nice drape….it’s almost too much for me. I feel bereft of snark. Come on, no origami crazy? No Bjorkish tones? No inspiration from urban decay? No comment on society? Ok, this is kind of ugly…

Phew! The cosmic order is restored. I can’t be pleased completely, it’s not natural!

photo credits: style.com

32 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Bouchra Jarrar

  1. mrsmole says:

    IS it my imagination that Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie would look pretty darn perfect in all of these? Who is his muse anyway? Love the shoes! Thank you for giving us a calm Wednesday debut and reassuring us that women CAN look feminine and drop dead gorgeous!


  2. Very pretty, feminine WW. Especially like #2, but #3 would be my favorite; sans the big black belt. My imagination makes me see the Paltrow in #1…sorry what is seen cannot be unseen!!


  3. Can you not see The Swinton in #1? I am not a fan of the styling of #3, the belt is too severe and dominatrix-ish with a could be dainty little dress. And of course the last one is not attractive. All in all though, a wearable collection. Scary.


  4. Well, even the back of the retreating model in no. 2 is unique in a totally aceptable way. Not sure what is with the green petticoat peeking out, but still. You have chosen a very inspirational collection this time! Well done! :p
    I do like the assymetric shiney belt.
    Sandy in the UK


  5. I am not a fan of strapless anything but that fourth dress is calling to me. CALLING, I tell you! I don’t know where I’d wear it but there’s gotta be someplace….


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