Vogue 8815- With a lil’ pep in our peplums!

Holy Priceless collection of Etruscan Snoods, Batman! I’m sewing the same thing as some of my favorite people!- Robin, Boy Wonder and cutting edge peplum enthusiast.

This is big for me- you know I tend to sew the least popular frock on the planet, but look, I’m sittin’ with the cool kids!  Check out Jennifer Hudson in these enviable cheetah panties and a peplum! I keep seeing this and just loving it. Vogue 8815- altho as envelopes go- this one is a little anemic…..hey, wait- my fabric is similiar to that underfed drawing!

But many have seen past the ‘meh’ cover and made some wonderfulness:

Erika made it with cars and rickrack!

Gabrielle made it with amazing stripes!

Erica B made it- damn, girl! I want those pants!!!

Oh, yah, and this one wore one too. But OURS WERE ALL FAR CUTER!!!But who made it gaudiest? Why it’s little  me of course! First prize in the gaudy stakes! Oh, thank you all! I do what I can! Onto the half-ass-supposed-to-have-been-done-over-the-holiday photo shoot! Anderson has been muggy and moist all week, so don’t blame the photographer for these droopy shots- he kept whining about the lens fogging up. Well, of course it did- I’m hot stuff! Look at that sassy bow and rhinestone buckle- tacky, thy name is Anne! This textile sacrifice is an embroidered cotton from the Hancock and I even did bias tape at the neck- why have I been so afraid of that?Behold- the General Robert Anderson fountain, our little hamlets patriarch.

**Just to prove I’m not animal discriminative- these are python print flats- I got them from Hie Shun! Hey  Hie Shun, you are indirectly responsible for todays tacky!!

photo credits: google images, pattern review, meadhawg, people.com, Daily Mail.com

91 thoughts on “Vogue 8815- With a lil’ pep in our peplums!

  1. Cuckoo Chanel says:

    Friggin sweet!!! LOVE that rhinestone buckle. Neckline is perfect–congrats on conquering the bias tape. That red looks amazing on you.


  2. Cool indeed! Love it and it is so you. Frankly, I’m loving the little rhinestone buckle.
    Nice job!!! So did you all hop into the fountain after the photo shoot and cool down?


  3. mrsmole says:

    Anderson should name you it’s fashion representative! What a great fit…have you lost weight or is it the clever sewing technique and bias binding on the neck? Those bunnies sure have a nice tight hutch now and I agree with Cuckoo Chanel…that red is YOU!


  4. I’m basically a column. I need something to give the appearance of an indented waist. A peplum might be just what I need! I’m so glad a read your blog!


    • When I saw those cheetah who bloomers- I just couldn’t look away! They are a sartorial traffic accident! Keep the children back- they are too young to be scarred by this!


  5. Okay I am sooooooo impressed with how great this looks on you! I’ve thought about making this pattern and then decided that I was just too plump but you have made me rethink this idea! You look fantastic!!!!


  6. This is perfect on you. I love the fabric and I love the style. I’ve got a whole box load of 80s patterns with peplums and I’m going to start digging through them today. You’ve made me want to submit to the peplum, too!


  7. I love your peplum top – it is so flattering, a great excuse not to tuck in your top and the little buckle is a perfect touch with the bow. However I disagree about the gaudiness . Talking about tucks – thanks for your comment – I did think when my daughter picked out chiffon and pintucks that she possibly hated me but if I can make pintucks so can YOU.


  8. My name ain’t tacky, and neither is yours!!! My favorite color is red, and your go-red-geous peplum top makes my heart sing. Great comboing of design and fabric. Think I’ll be forced to copy.


  9. Arg, wordpress eats my comments all the time!

    I think it’s lovely, not tacky whatsoever. If any top needs a rhinestone buckle it’s this one.

    And where are you? I think you may be super duper close to me! Sorry if that sounds creepy. I’m sending you an email.


  10. Great top, you look fantastic in it! And I love your fabric. Red and blue is a favorite combination of mine, and your fabric has very nice red-turns-into-fucsia (ugh, how DO you spell that word??) variations. I also bought that pattern, maybe I should stop pretending I don’t want to belong with the cool crowd and make myself one too…


  11. It’s wonderful!!! I love the shape and the fabric. Good fabulous choice of fabric and pattern all around. And you nailed the fit, too, not like the stuff the celebs are trying to wear. You look mah-ve-lus, dahling!


  12. I’m not the biggest fan of the peplum either but I think this really looks fab on you – much better (and of course hotter) than the others you’ve pictured. Really flattering – you’re single handedly changing my opinion of the peplum.


  13. Well, I don’t know about gaudy! It’s good. Good little peplum. When I saw Kim’s peplum, I started to wonder about this pattern, too. But….I don’t know it I can pull it off. You’ve got the look going on!


  14. I love this top!!! It’s so cute! To be honest, I was going to say that we all need something a little gaudy in our closets….but I don’t think this is gaudy at all! I really wasn’t a huge fan of the peplum, but after seeing this, I may try it out. Of course by the time I get to it, it may not be on trend any more lol oh well, if it looks good, I don’t care 😛


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