Wearable Wednesday- Ulyana Sergeenko

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Dita von Teese staged a winter version of Classic fairy Tales in Boris Pasternak’s rumpus room? Oh, hey, me too! Well, Ulyana Sergeenko has given us the longest Wearable Wednesday to date- because I can’t get enough of this retro glam winter wear !  A nice sleigh ride outfit- bring an extra lap robe and your furry crash helmet! the evil Queen looks so toned! Is that a poisoned clove pomegranate? Brrr! I’d move to a colder climate for this cat-teaser hemmed coat. Royal Security really stands out in their new uniforms?! But are they practical- mittens and firearms are a no-no.  Now I’m totally not advocating everyone owning a forest animal medley frock, but…..Shh! Here comes the first dance number from ‘Kiss me Cossacks!’  Oh! Just popping out to grab the mail attended by my cartoon blue birds and chinchilla minions! I hate when my ceremonial honors get tangled up with my Lift tickets…

This looks so warm and absorbant…..Oh, I want, I want! The shapes of this collection are making me swoon as much as looking at it while its 900 degrees outside.

I’m just so pleased to see a model in a bra, but lining, please. This by the way is the skirt I will wear to help friends move- so handy of they run out of padding. Are you in touch with your melancholy snowbound damsel side? Do you love this or just feel like cranking on the air conditioning?

photo credits: style.com

44 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Ulyana Sergeenko

      • Melodia says:

        Well, I’m not a fur hater – I love wearing fur! And let me tell you, that on a really cold blustery day when the wind chill is -40C, it’s the only thing that keeps out the humid cold. And it looks so pretty! I saw this collection the other day and really liked some of the silhouettes. And I’d wear that mink (sable?) lined black coat and the full fur skirt ANY winter’s day!


  1. I am loving the shoes and admiring the construction of these garments. Would love to know what the fabric is on the 3rd dress. The volume on that skirt with the constrast lining is inspiring, but the bodice its attached to I am not understanding….

    Thanks again for the show:)


  2. As someone who has lived in the far north (a couple of hours from the Arctic Circle), I like this collection, with the exception of the weird rompers. Fashion that looks warm. Hmm, what a concept. It would be nice to have options other than parkas, balaclavas, Sorelles, and ski pants. Northerners am I wrong?

    PS- I am not okay with the wearing of fur though, but at -53 C, believe me, I considered it.


  3. mrsmole says:

    Looks like they are expecting a very harsh winter in Russia this year. Global warming anyone? Open front galoshes? Fruit and pom-poms on the shoulder, velvet pomander…creative touches never mind wearing dead animals pelts on your hips!
    You really can find the doozeys!!!!!


  4. Shams says:

    Well, you certainly see her point of view, as a designer. Yeah, fur rompers… That’s not a look for everyone. 🙂 It’s actually chilly here, so I don’t mind the winter inspiration at all! In fact, I am looking for some as I want to make a jacket.


  5. Since I love ridiculous fairy tale costumes, these are right up my alley! I live in the wrong climate for them, though. Waah. They ARE making me consider long, warm skirts for winter though…


  6. A cat-teaser hem – that is the perfect name for that dress! Aside from all the fur, I rather like the aesthetic. Don’t think I’d ever actually wear it though, but I think I can safely say that for most couture…that is, if this qualifies as couture, I’m always confused who and who doesn’t get to count.


  7. My Russian roots are loving some of this collection so much…I am strangely attracted to “babushka” on #6. Feel like Animal Liberation Front is “listening”, so I will whisper I too would so love the fur hemmed coat. And what about the back detail on the gray coat walking away in the last picture!! Just feeling those Dr. Zhivago vibes; oh for some cold weather and cozy warm clothes and a young Omar would help! Thanks for sharing


  8. I’m pretty sure I’ve liked her designs in the past, but I’d have to give this particular group a pass. I’m not above using fur (as long as the rest of the animal is used as well), but I think the full skirt of it is rather tacky IMHO.


  9. If I had a waist and slender hips and lived far north within the northern hemisphere – this would be a favourite designer. Nice shapes and I love the coats. Thank you, I’ve heard of so many ‘unheard of’ designers vis this weekly post.


  10. Let me just say that I live for Wearable Wednesday. Another brilliant one. I seem to be drawn more to the accessories here, like the furry crash helmet and the evil queen’s red shoes. Very interesting…


  11. I too have an obsession with Ulyana Sergeenko and her last two collections in particular. I would kill “Moose and Squirrel” to have any of these frocks! Yes, you can call me Natasha just let me have one!


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