Leopard Sew Along Love- Simplicity 1880

Ahhh, it’s so good to be back in the warm and cuddly embrace of my favorite fabric species! I have totally enjoyed Sunni’s 2-in-1  Sewalong and learned some nifty things.Secretly I have always feared shirtwaist dresses more than spiders! Yes, I dream about Donna Reed attacking Tokyo and taking on Mothra! Unspeakable, isn’t it? It’s the collar flange and the buttons holes lining up- oh, I’m starting to shake a little bit. But my fear is almost totally gone now, thank you Sunni– your  collar anatomy class and the facing trick made everything work so well, I may go up to Ma’s attic and look for my old Rubik’s cube. I think I can master it now! Here is the latest victim! I totally went for the yellow model- but a solid color? Oh, nay, that just isn’t going to happen. There are WAY too many faux animal prints out there to try such silliness!I always read thru my pattern instructions first, but changing the order of construction just never occurred to me. Sewing the skirt first and letting it hang just seems so obvious now! Whoa! Extreme frog closeup! Well, as you can see, I never found the magic buttons. We even went to the huge warehouse sale in Williamston last week and there was a herd of the oddest people blocking the bulk button bin. I almost unleashed Mr B- he can be very persuasive with his thunderous looks of displeasure and angry bull sighing. God bless him, he was hungry too- it could have turned into an incident, but no. I chose to use my powers for good.

Since this fabric has a lot going on-purr…  I decided to use concealed snaps and frog closures. Frogs and leopards. It’s like ‘Chutes and ladders’ but with more blood loss.I’m rather pleased with this- I don’t think the style will replace tunics on me- love me some tunics, but I feel like a major sewing hurdle has been crossed. It also is a serious adult work dress if called upon to go to meetin’. Ok, maybe Hilary Clinton wouldn’t wear a leopard shirt dress to meet dignitaries, but maybe she should…..

Thank you Sunni!!!

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images

94 thoughts on “Leopard Sew Along Love- Simplicity 1880

  1. This is my favourite of the things you’ve made. I love it and I want it! I adore animal prints. I like pairing red or purple with them for some reason. You look so lovely and cute in this dress, it really is fantastic. The frog closures are inspired!


  2. jadesabre9 says:

    This looks fabulous! I think the hat adds a lot to the outfit as well 🙂 HAHA – “Frogs and leopards. It’s like Chutes & Ladders with more blood loss.” This made my day!!


  3. Very, very pretty. Leopard print is definitely in it’s own category. I agree that it can be totally neutral. I’ve always wanted to go to that place in Williamston but was worried it would be mostly home decor stuff. Is it worth it?


    • It can be hit and miss- I’d say it’s 75% home decor, but they have some weird little notions and buttons and dance/formal fabrics. For people watching it can’t be beat!


  4. Your dress looks great! I’m not an animal print kinda gal, but this looks so cute on you. Actually, I can picture Camilla wearing an animal print at a christening. And Golda Meir probably wore animal prints at every third bris.


  5. starryfishathome says:

    That animal print dress looks absolutely great on you! I love the frog closures. I’d make a shirtdress if I thought I’d get to wear many dresses this year, but Simplicity patterns come up very large on me.


  6. You look great in that dress! The neckline, the sleeves, the skirt, everything is so flattering. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone on this one really paid off. Now you *have* to make a couple more. Hillary will remember if you wear the same thing when you go see her again… 🙂


  7. Damn all the good puns have been taken so I will just say I like your dress.
    I know what you mean about the plain fabric – I shocked myself and bought two pieces of plain fabric this week but one was a silver silk dupoini look alike and the other was a most beautiful greeny, blue silk feel material.


  8. Grrr Baby Grrrr! You look marvelous. Have the doxies recognized that it’s a cat species you’re wearing? And spots no less. The canines Cruella Deville! 😉


  9. Babe, only you could think of a “frogs and leopards” shirt waist dress! It’s SO awesome! Fits you perfectly. I’d say you have overcome your fear.
    Well done!!!!


  10. Absolutely love this! I’m a serious lover of animal prints and this one looks fabulous and chic. Awesome idea for the from closures too! Very nicely done! Thanks so much for participating – means alot to me!


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